How to become more intelligent and creative

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Embody Him or Her

There are two parties (at least) that I know of that employ this technique, so there might just be something in it.

One is Jean Houston, who is one of the most respected personal development teachers in the world right now. In her course Unlock Your Quantum Powers, there are a few exercises in which she asks her students to ‘become’ someone else in their minds.

So, in this technique, you ‘become’ another person in your mind. Someone who has the abilities that you want for yourself. Perhaps Albert Einstein, or Leonardo da Vinci, or J. K. Rowling, or the future you. I don’t know the science behind why this works, but I believe it’s important you trust that it does. That trust will come if you want it a lot.

The other party that uses this technique is Inspire3, the team who came up with the program The Raikov Effect. Their work is, of course, based off the work of Vladimir Raikov, a Russian neuropsychologist who apparently hypnotized his experiment subjects into believing they are someone else, someone who is a genius in his/her field. When they came out of the hypnosis, they found themselves to have the ability of that particular genius.

An Alternative Strategy

It is said that if you can stop doing the thing you do, which is thinking thoughts of doubt, unhappiness, resentment, loss, worry, being taken advantage of, and sometimes you do all that in one day, then you would feel better, because your energy or vibration has risen nearer to your natural state which is all belief and love and passion and joy and all of the good stuff.

Then, if you could allow yourself to stay in your natural state, it won’t be long before thoughts that are consistent with that vibration begin occurring to you. Thoughts of optimism, thoughts of joy, thoughts of passion, thoughts of enthusiasm. If you are involved in a creative endeavor, creative thoughts will begin to occur to you. If you need more intelligence to be successful in something, then the appropriate intelligent thoughts will begin occurring in your mind at the appropriate time.

What is a good way to stop all thoughts? Meditate. For 20-30 minutes a day. It is said that you don’t have to reach “that place” for the entire time period that you are meditating. It’s only important that you reach it. That place where you feel peace, that place where you can’t tell your toes from your fingers, that place where you let go, that place where you are in the present. Because then you hit the reset button. Learn more here: A simple meditation with effect

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