How to Believe in Yourself Again

A few days ago I published a post about the benefits of believing in yourself. In it I ended things by saying that we used to believe in ourselves when we were children, but lost that once we grew older. I would like to continue that discussion here with this “How to Believe in Yourself Again” post.


The difference between successful and unsuccessful people

It is said that the biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful people is not intelligence, opportunity or resources, but the belief that they can make their goals happen. These people believe that if they want better health or a more fulfilling career or more happiness that they could make those things happen.

Successful people are willing to try new things even when they are afraid that they might get it wrong. They experiment with new ideas and just trust that they will discover a way to make their ideas work.


20 Things You Must Do To Believe In Yourself

wikiHow is a high quality collection of how-to guides, and they have come up with a list of 20 things that you must do in order to believe in yourself. Of course different methods will work best with different people, but see if you can gain something from the list below:

1) Recognize your skills and the good things about yourself. Look for things that you don’t struggle with or things that people compliment you on, so that you’ll feel more comfortable doing other things as well

2) Set reasonable goals and work hard to achieve them

3) View your failures as learning opportunities

4) Try something new even when you’re afraid that you might get it wrong. There is no other way to make progress

5) Talk to someone who loves you – they can always see the best things about you

6) Take a break when you feel overwhelmed

7) Do something that you believe in

8) Stop having unrealistic expectations about how a situation will go and what other people do. You can only control your own thoughts and actions


9) Stop seeing yourself as different from other people. Everyone else makes mistakes too, and everyone else does amazing stuff sometimes

10) Stop putting yourself down

11) Do not worry about what you can’t change (the past). The only thing you should worry about is doing well in the future, so put all your energy into that

12) Don’t procrastinate, because later on you will rush and miss things

13) Don’t ignore all criticism that is given to you but also don’t carry your entire view of yourself based on the opinion of other people

14) Build your self-confidence, by following the other 19 suggestions on this list

15) Love yourself, warts and all!

16) Take good care of your body and spirit. Do not eat unhealthy food or be lazy

17) Do things that are hard

18) Help others. It brings a wonderful sense of fulfillment and you will find yourself more confident than ever (I find that this really works for me)

19) Don’t sweat your insecurities, because EVERYONE is insecure

20) Speak up when you have an opinion or know of a better way to do something

I know, some of the above are very general ideas, but hopefully you’ve managed to get some motivation or inspiration from the ideas listed above.

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And… we have now come to the end of this post. Please feel free to share this with your family and friends. And as always, if you have any questions or comments just leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you!

10 thoughts on “How to Believe in Yourself Again”

  1. Hi there and thank you for a great positive post that everyone should take note of. Just those 20 listed tips can help anyone turn their life around if they feel the need. They also give inspiration to anyone looking at self improvement. I recently had a career change and all those items came into play prior to me making the big move. I also found that having a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and most importantly getting a good night’s sleep made a world of difference.

    • Best of luck with your new career going into 2021. I don’t know if you changed companies, or you changed the industry you were in. It sounds to me like you changed the industry. Anyhow, just remember that as long as you believe in yourself, you have a higher chance of succeeding in whatever you do.

  2. These tips you have listed here are some of the vital things that we all need to know and learn to live with if we want to grow and I’ve had some really bad times and didn’t snap out of it early enough because I had no idea about lots of these things you have here. Taking a risk and accepting the outcome even if it’s bad would help you understand things better and live peacefully with yourself.

    • Don’t misunderstand, I’m not advising you to take risky actions. When you believe in yourself, you’re aligning with the energies of the Universe, and you would soon find yourself guided in thoughts and actions towards getting what you want. There shouldn’t be a risk of any huge loss.

  3. This is a great piece of information you have here. I definitely would be needing this as I begin my journey as an affiliate marketer. There were several times I lost confidence in myself, not too serious cases though, but somehow I was able to rebuild it. This article here, to me, serves as a guide in helping me regain belief in myself in very serious cases.


    • You’re welcome to revisit this article for “very serious cases”. But I hope you’ll keep believing in yourself from now on. Belief is a thought you keep on thinking, and law of attraction always brings what you believe to be true into your life. In other words, law of attraction will always confirm your beliefs to be true.

  4. I think most successes can just be boiled down to one thing. Always remain positive. Success is really just having the correct mindset. Not the correct ideas or intelligence but just having the right mindset and habits built up. And a lot of that mindset is basically ‘remain positive’ even when you fail.

  5. Hi I really enjoyed reading this and it was a really good wake-up call for me and the things I do sometimes without realizing it, like putting myself down.


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