How to Break a Bad Habit Fast – Introduction

Hey there… and a very good day to everyone. I’m Clark, and here/below we are going to look at how to break a bad habit fast. I think this has the potential to be a series actually, so I’ll start with the first part, the introduction, today.

What’s a Habit?

A habit could be anything that you do over and over again, and that you find very hard to change. So in my opinion those two criteria must be present. When I mentioned it is something that you do, I’m including non-physical actions, like thinking or feeling.

You may have heard of paradigms. Paradigms are mental patterns, the way we habitually think, the beliefs you have rooted in your subconscious. And how you think determines what you do. Thus, maybe we can think of all habits as mental patterns. You may not even realize that you have a certain belief about something until a chance event and a sudden stroke of awareness hits you.

You may have heard our life reflects what we think about. That’s true, although maybe we don’t really understand all layers of this statement. It is said that nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so. The collection of our thoughts determines the whole of our perception of the world around us, and therefore what you think about is true. I hear this a lot: If you think the Universe we live in is a friendly Universe, then it is a friendly Universe.

A habit could be a really good thing, for instance you could have a habit of keeping your finances in an organized way, or a habit of being optimistic when looking for a parking space, or a habit of reading and practicing personal development every night before you go to bed. What I would like to focus on in this series is how we could change a habit that doesn’t serve us, and replace it with one that does.

The Power of Repeating Something Over and Over…

Everybody wants results fast, but sometimes change is going to take time. That’s not to say you couldn’t be happy before getting what you want. Enjoying the process of your change is going to help you to replace your habit faster.

You’ve heard of momentum, right? Say you do something enough times (like, listening to the same song over and over). There is going to be a momentum or force that pulls at you to do it again. And again. In the case of the song, you might find that it keeps playing over and over in your head.

Repetition has enormous power, especially one that is coupled with intense emotion. What personal development teachers suggest is to break a negative pattern before it becomes a habit, if possible. Today right after reading this post I want you to pick a habit that you would like to replace. Then every time it shows up, do something that is opposite in nature to your habit.

It could be that recently you’ve been thinking a lot of someone who wronged you in the past, and always imagining a conversation with that person in which you give it to him/her properly. For the rest of today, every time you catch yourself thinking like that, deliberately switch your attention to someone who gets you excited, who brings you pleasure, or who makes you very happy indeed, and imagine a conversation with him/her instead. Do it for a few days until you realize that the person who wronged you doesn’t have a hold on you anymore.

You might need to employ quite a bit of willpower the first few times of doing this. When you first try to change a habit, it’s going to feel uncomfortable. You’ll find ways, or excuses, to keep doing the same thing over and over again, usually unconsciously.

Everything becomes a habit eventually. It’s how the world works, the natural order of things, a law if you will. Imagine if you have to re-learn how to walk and bathe every morning. That would NOT be fun at all. So habits are important. They allow us to continue from where we were yesterday as today we consciously focus our attention on replacing those habits that we would like to see replaced.

To Be Continued…

OK then, that’s my short introduction into habits and how to change them. Let me know below what you think. Visit my Series page if you would like to read more of what I’ve previously written. Subscribe to my emails and get a free book! Till the next time. Thanks a lot!

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