How to Break a Bad Habit Fast Part 2 – What is the Power of Imagination?

Hey there… and welcome back to my “Breaking a Habit” series, also known as the “Habits and How to Change Them” series. I’m Clark, and today we shall explore what is the power of imagination, in relation to breaking a habit, of course. There are many ways or tricks we can use to replace a bad habit of ours with a good one, and below we shall look at using the power of our mind and imagination to help us.

Anyway, here is the previous part. If you want to read more of my content, just visit the Series page and look for the relevant topic(s). Now without further ado, let’s get to it.

MIND Matters

You’ve heard of athletes doing visualization as part of their training for a race or sport. They do that because it is believed to work. When you see in your mind’s eye what you’re going to do, when it is time to do it, you do it better. One of the reasons could simply be due to the extra level of inspiration you get by seeing yourself winning, which then makes you train more. But I believe there is more to this.

Changing your mental patterns is the principle that subliminal technology is based upon and you can read all about it. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to get you to purchase anything, instead I have freebies that you could take advantage of if you just read my article above.

So if you would like to replace an existing habit with a new one, I suggest you imagine yourself doing it in your mind first. Say you want to stop drinking alcohol. So imagine yourself in the bar, having a good time, drinking juice instead of beer or wine or vodka, and enjoying it. Imagining yourself doing something successfully gives you the all-important belief that you’ll actually pull it off.

I used to always say I will meditate tonight, and then when the time comes I feel tired, I decide to do something else first, I say to myself it’s late so perhaps tomorrow then, I’ll be right on it in the morning. And then I wake up and feel like doing something else, like checking YouTube for new recommended videos. So I imagined myself meditating, and feeling the release of resistance that comes with meditation. I imagined how great it would be when the clarity and joy that comes with meditation washes over me. It worked. Read: What is Meditation, and How to Practice

Being Excited Helps

When you are imagining something, it helps if you feel intense positive emotion. In fact, some people say that is the essence of imagination, the most important part. So aim high, for something that gets you excited, something that gets your juices flowing. For a sportsperson who practices visualization, imagine that you’ve won and not just finish in 2nd or 3rd place :).

Your intense positive emotions will give you the oomph you need for your imagination to turn into reality. It is said our emotions have the power to influence the world around us, including people, events and things, though we do not get to see most of the process. Even if you do not believe in that ‘mumbo jumbo’, being excited for something gives you the motivation to get up every morning and make what you imagined a reality, fast.

To Be Continued…

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