How to Break a Bad Habit Fast Part 3 – What is the Power of Happiness?

Hey there… and welcome back to my “Breaking a Habit” series, which I also like to call the “Habits and How to Change Them” series. I am Clark, and today we shall explore what is the power of happiness in relation to breaking a habit. Below we shall look at perhaps an unconventional way that you may experiment with when you have decided to replace an old habit with a new one.

Anyway, here is the previous part. If you want to read more of my content, just visit the Series page and look for the relevant topic(s). Now without further ado, let’s get to it.

The Opportunity in a Huge Emotional Impact Event

When you experience or go through an event which carries huge emotional meaning for you, it is an opportunity to replace an old habit (or mental pattern, since I believe all habits can eventually be traced back to the mind) with a new one. Of course, it might not be a good habit replacing a bad one, the opposite could also occur. And if it is a sad event, such as someone you care about passing on, you might not even care about self-improvement for some time, in which case what happens next becomes a bit of a lottery.

There is also the possibility that when you have gone too far in the opposite direction of what life intends for you, a huge event may occur and have such an impact on you emotionally that you have no choice but to shut down completely, and that is when big habitual changes could occur. Obviously, we do not want the situation to reach such a critical stage, so it’s better if we change our bad habits before things get out of hand. Hence, kindly and diligently do the practices I suggest :).

Happiness and What It Does

Since emotions have such an impact on habit-formation, there is great power in your joy. If you wake up every morning, then meditate in order to release resistance, then live your life with optimism and happiness and appreciation, it is unlikely you’d continue to hang on to your bad habits. In fact, that is probably the best time to try and replace an existing habit with a new one, because you’re doing everything with intense emotions. In fact, you may even receive guidance or inspiration as to which habit you should replace, or what is the best way to go about it, in the form of a sudden thought or impulse.

It was claimed that in the absence of negative thoughts (resistance) you return to your original pure state which is one with Being or Source (or God, call it whatever you will). Obviously it is not easy to live like that all the time, but constant practice of meditation is a powerful habit that can get you there.

To Be Continued…

Well folks, that’s part 3 of “Habits and How to Change Them”. I hope you’ve very much enjoyed it as well as found it useful. Do come back often to this website for I will publish new content regularly. Subscribe to my emails and you’ll get a free personal development book! Finally, leave your questions and comments below and for sure I shall reply ASAP. Till the next time. Thanks a lot!

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