How to Break a Bad Habit Fast Part 5 – More Ways on How to Change a Paradigm (Continued)

Hello… and welcome back to the continuation of my “Breaking a Habit” series, a.k.a. the “Habits and How to Change Them” series. As always my name is Clark, and on this page we shall continue looking at more ways on how to change a paradigm (mental pattern/the way one habitually thinks). Since every action we take originated from a thought that we have, in order to break or replace a habit it makes a lot of sense to go straight for the paradigms.

Anyway, here is the previous part. If you want to read more of my content, just visit the Series page and look for the relevant topic(s). Now without further ado, let’s get to it.

Always Do It For Yourself

I have never believed in changing a habit upon the request of someone else, or setting a goal to please others. If you intend to change a habit, it should be because you want to. And what habit you want to instill in yourself should also be your choice. My argument is that everybody’s main (and maybe only) task in this life is to find their bliss, so one should do things that one wants to do. And if you’re changing a habit for somebody, it would be very easy to lose motivation midway through especially when there are obstacles popping up left, right and center.

Changing a habit for yourself also allows you to enjoy the process more, and this then translates to the new habit taking hold faster. That’s why if you can think of it as a game, and not beat up on yourself when you don’t see any results, then you may find the process of replacing an old habit with a new one to be easier and faster.

Change One Habit At A Time

When you’ve tried for some time to change a habit and feel like you’ve not achieved anything, don’t panic or get stressed out over it. Instead, take a step back, relax, meditate. Perhaps you’re focusing on too many things in one go. Pick only one habit to change at a time. Try the methods in this series for one week, then let it go. You may come back to it in the future. Try to change another habit, you must have more than one habit you want to see replaced.

As with anything else, trying too hard is usually counter-productive. In matters like manifestation and meditation, the word allowing and surrender comes to mind. If you believe that everything in this universe can be classified as either masculine or feminine, meditation and manifesting definitely falls into the feminine category. Aggressive acts like raging at it or trying to force it to happen (traits associated with the masculine) is likely to bring more harm than good. Analyzing something thoroughly from A to Z (again, a trait associated with the masculine) might work very well in fields of science and mathematics, but just may not be very effective in the field of personal development.

That’s Part 5!

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