How to Build Up Sexual Energy

“How to Build Up Sexual Energy” is the second of my 3-part series about sexual energy (you can read the first part here). It will just be a short one and then on we go to the third part of this series.

The Macrocosmic Orbit

No need to hang weights from your scrotum or rub a special kind of oil onto your private parts. Besides practising tantra, performing a simple exercise called The Macrocosmic Orbit could also do the trick.

Begin by focusing your attention on your lower back. Slowly move your attention up your back to the top of your head and then back down the front of your body. Slowly move your attention all the way down the front of your legs to your toes, then up the back of your legs to your lower back. Repeat.

What you are doing is make your sexual energy flow throughout your whole body, from head to toe and everywhere in between. Energy follows attention, so as your attention is moving the energy is moving with it.

Do this exercise a few times daily, for a few minutes each time – you may do it while commuting, or while waiting for someone. With a little practice this exercise will become effortless and you will feel the energy moving in you. You will feel energized, have more attention, and feel an increase in sexual energy.

Well, besides this exercise, some foods are also said to boost libido. Acai berries, almonds, any green fruit or vegetable, maca, sea vegetables and strawberries are some of the foods that could increase your sexual energy.

Just thinking about things that get you aroused would also increase your sexual energy. I’ll discuss more about this in the next part in this series.

And that’s it! Share this with your family and friends (but adults only!). And if you have any questions or comments regarding this topic, please let me know in the comment box below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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10 thoughts on “How to Build Up Sexual Energy”

  1. Very interesting article you have here. Simple meditation exercises similar to the one you have described here are used to help create mindfulness and allow us to tap into our bodies senses and listen to our bodies in a different way, so I see absolutely no reason why you couldn’t apply the same logic to enhancing sexual energy. Great article, thanks for sharing.

    • It looks like you are used to reading about meditation and self-help in general, so please feel free to read other articles of mine on this site (just look at the menu above and you would know what to do). And if you ever want to discuss anything self-help related with me please feel free to do so by leaving me a comment.

  2. Hi Clark.

    This seems like a very interesting and simple exercise to do, which I could do just about anywhere that’s quiet. I’ve never really thought about focusing your energy, so I think I’ll try this out and see how it goes. I look forward to reading the next part of the series.

  3. Great! You’re using a meditation practice that works for many things, not just this. Focusing energy is a great way of focusing the mind not just for the simple thing that you said above – the Libido. Emily says to do in a quiet place, which is great, but I say that once you learn the technique and can relax easily then it can be done in the noisiest place and you will still be able to focus and allow this energy to flow through your body.

    • Well said, this practice is not only to increase your libido – the sexual energy that you have built up can be transformed into healing and creative energy. This is discussed in further detail in the next part of this series. Just click the link above to read it and let me know what you think!

  4. Never heard of that type of exercise before that can help you build up your sexual energy. But I know that certain types of food like you mentioned can help with your libido as well as the level of testosterones. But I guess it doesn’t cost anything to try those exercises. Thanks for the tips.

    Does it work for both genders?

  5. Hi Clark
    Well that seems like a simple exercise to get your sexual energy moving and flowing. It is true that if we focus our attention on one location/body part, all our energy tends to go to that location. Whether it is negative or positive. Having a flowing energy through our body is energizing and the exercise seems simple enough to do every day. I think I would rather do it in a quiet place though just so I can focus more.

    • Sure Emily, doing it in a quiet place would certainly be more effective. However, it is such a simple exercise that if you find yourself wasting time waiting for a bus, etc you can always do it there and then.


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