How to Change Negative Thinking to Positive

Hello everyone, how are you doing? Welcome to my site for new visitors, and welcome back to all returning ones! On this page here I want to talk about how to change negative thinking to positive. You might have heard that when you think positive, life will begin to work for you rather than against you. Is that true? Let’s find out.

The Natural Order of Things?

When we think good thoughts we are aligned with the natural forces of the Universe. Some might say we are aligned with Source Energy or God. In other words, if we can always think in a positive manner the power contained in the entire Universe can come to us, and think through us, and act through us.

How do we know when we are thinking positively or negatively? It is said that if we feel good now, then we are thinking good thoughts. Our emotions are our guidance system. And it is a pretty powerful one because emotions can be felt throughout our body. There is no mistaking it if we just pay a little attention to what we are feeling in this moment.

If you’ve read a few self-help books, you probably have heard of the suggestion to imagine that what you want has already happened. Then it happens in real life. Does it really work that way? Well, I’d say that if it feels good when you think about it, then it is going to happen. Else, no.

Law of Attraction Brings More Of What You Think

I have learned and also experienced first hand that law of attraction brings more like thoughts to us. Whenever you think of something, momentum starts to build, and then more of those kinds of thoughts would start occurring to you.

Many people however think of something good, perhaps they imagine having what they want, then start to doubt that it would happen, then feels hopeful that it will come, then think of something negative, then something good, then… So in the end it becomes quite a jumbled mess. Momentum builds in one direction, then it stops and goes the other way.

So thinking positive don’t have to be a struggle. As with anything, it may take some getting used to in the beginning. But now you know that as you do it more the easier it becomes. And you feel good when your thoughts are positive, so doesn’t that provide great motivation to stop thinking negatively and feel good throughout your mind and body instead of bad?

Reverse Paranoia

I heard of this guy, W. Clement Stone, who apparently has ‘inverse paranoia’. So instead of thinking that the world is out to get him, he assumes that everything that happens is working out for his good, and looks for the evidence of that. And he usually finds it.

So you can also use this ‘trick’. Look for the evidence of how everything that happened is leading towards the most joyful life you deserve. Lost your job? What opportunity is opening up? Just gotten rejected by someone? Who could be on his/her way to me? Stay in that place of knowing that everything is happening the way it should to bring all that you want to your doorstep.

The MAGIC of Meditation

Meditation is said to be a way to stop all thoughts, and hence stop negative thoughts in their tracks. And when you don’t think negative thoughts, pure positive thoughts naturally comes to you. Is that true? You can find out for yourself: A simple meditation with effect

I would advise meditation when you find yourself unable to stop thinking negative thoughts, or when you have a mess of jumbled-up thoughts, or are tired and can’t think of good thoughts. So basically when you are feeling negative and don’t know what to do. Of course, if you can think of something really positive that makes you feel really good, please do so. But usually when you’re tired and frustrated, the best thing to do is just meditate and stop thinking for a while.

OK? That’s all from me today. I shall take my leave, with the humble request that you leave all questions and comments you have below. I’ve written over 200 posts/articles on this website, so please feel free to read them. You can easily access all my articles by clicking SERIES in the menu above. Till the next time, goodbye!

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