How to Develop Prosperity Consciousness

Hello there, and welcome to this page. I’m Clark, and here we are going to discuss how to develop prosperity consciousness. In recent years, there has been a growing awareness that it’s not hard work, or how many people you know, or kindness, or looks, or body weight(!), that is the secret to prosperity. There are people who seem to be working hard without getting rich, but there are also people who seem to be working hard as well but in their case, the money flows into their lives! You could probably find similar “for” and “against” examples for each criterion listed above (the people you know, outward appearance, how nice of a person you are, how loud your voice is, etc.).

Hence, there has to be something else, something that definitively separates the rich from the poor. And that something is said to be prosperity consciousness.

How Does A Rich Person Think?

One of the best ways to raise your prosperity consciousness, that is advised a lot by personal development experts, is to live as if. Now you don’t have to spend like a millionaire at first, else I’m afraid you might soon find yourself with no more money! But you can start to think like a millionaire, and slowly make changes to your lifestyle to match your new thoughts. Or perhaps your lifestyle changes are the consequence of thinking in a brand new way.

Let’s start by imagining how a rich person’s thoughts look like. A rich person doesn’t need money. He (or She, but for the rest of this paragraph allow me to use “he” for simplicity) does something because he wants to. Now that he’s made enough money, maybe he’s looking for fame and recognition. Maybe he’s looking to be involved in something that he is passionate about. He does something with the expectation that it’s going to bring in a nice amount of money to add to the money he already has in the bank. He hardly ever thinks about money. He doesn’t worry about not having enough sales. He has sufficient reserves to survive a few months, maybe more, of Covid-19 lockdown.

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Easier When You Are Flying High (in the Sky)

But if you’ve tried that before, you will know that it is really hard to keep on thinking like that, to be or embody that person, especially when you find yourself in a tight situation with regards to money. But let’s assume you’re doing OK with finances. Say you have some money saved up, and could afford to have some fun once in a while.

One thing that could help you a lot is to start early. Meaning, start early in the morning when you are not (yet) bogged down by tiredness and your troubles during the day. It’s also said that tiredness actually comes from negativity that builds up throughout your day, perhaps from a few things not going your way, or from you remembering the not-so-good experiences in your past that still causes you resentment till this day.

Another practice that has been mentioned over and over again on this website is meditation. Because then positive thinking becomes much easier. Since it is said that our natural state of being is love, and inner peace, and appreciation (all the good stuff), and that the only reason we don’t feel that way all the time is because of the negativity that we indulge in and put forth into the world around us, it follows that when you stop negative thinking (through meditation), when you stop worry, fear and anxiety (through meditation), when you stop indulging in your problems (through meditation), then you’d automatically put yourself closer to your original and pure form.

When you are flying high like that, good, optimistic thoughts come to you without effort. And that is so much better than trying to come up with good, positive thoughts about money when you’re not feeling good about something (whether it is about money or something else). Because what usually happens is you come up with some good thoughts about money, but you couldn’t hold those thoughts for long. Either you have to go do something else which causes you to stop concentrating on thinking those thoughts and then your habitual thoughts about money comes to the fore once again, or you start thinking again because it has become your habit about that a**hole who pulled that s**t on you some time ago (which interferes with your good money thoughts or makes you forget about your good money thoughts altogether).

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