How to Feel Good About Health

Good morning, folks. My name is Clark. This article is somewhat a sequel to two of my previous articles: 3 steps to achieve your goal and how to have good health. In the first one, I discussed the 3 steps, based on The Secret book and ‘Abraham’s teachings’, that you can use to achieve anything you want. In the second one, I showed you, hopefully in an insightful way, how to utilize the 3 steps to have good health. Below I am going to share with you some additional insights on how to feel good about health, despite the Covid-19 situation that is happening all over the world as I write this, because as we have learned one of the key actions you need to ‘do’ is feel good about something in order to bring more good to you.

Understand that Great Health is the Norm

The story goes that we were originally part of one cosmic awareness. Nothing is lacking. Everything is wonderful. And when we were young, we have no aches. Our body was flexible, and we were full of energy every morning until night. As time goes by, our body starts developing one issue after another. The reason is said to be the negative thoughts that we think.

Notice that the Universe provides everything we need to flourish. We do not need to work for the air that we breathe. We don’t need to put in any effort for the Sun to rise every morning, and provide our plants and trees with the nourishment they need.

There is also a theory that our body renews itself by replacing each of its cells every 7 years, though some say it is 11 months. If that is true, then it is also great news for those who are concerned with looking young.

Let Go Of Your Negative Thoughts

Research has shown that thoughts of love and gratitude have actual physical effects on our surroundings. So an experiment is performed by a scientist and his team, in which they exposed frozen distilled water to words, music, pictures and thoughts. When the water was exposed to ugly words, music, pictures or thoughts, ugly patterns were seen when the water was observed under a microscope. But when positive or beautiful words, music, pictures or thoughts were focused on the water, really beautiful patterns were observed. So if our thoughts can do that to something that is outside of us, imagine what they could do to your organs, cells and tissues. Keep in mind that we intake a significant amount of water daily, and that a large portion of our body is water.

You don’t have to feel good about your health in isolation. From what I’ve experienced, when I’m not feeling good about something, usually it affects other areas of my life. If I’m feeling lethargic, then I may not feel motivated to work on my business. Or I may be snappy when talking to a loved one. And that applies the other way around too. Don’t you notice when you’ve just achieved something good in your studies or work, you feel energized and ready for the next project or exam? Or after a wonderful dinner with someone you really like, you don’t feel tired at all even if it has been a busy day or week? So, do what you can to feel good now about anything and everything. As you make it your habit to feel good first thing in the morning, perhaps by meditation or appreciation or some other method, your feeling-good will start to gather momentum as you begin your day, and before long you would find that feeling good has become your usual state of being.

And that’s it for today. I hope you will ponder what has been shared above and put the practices to use. Do come back often to this website because I’m publishing new content regularly! And, feel free to subscribe to my emails. Just leave any questions or comments that you might have below and I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks a lot!

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