How to Feel Good About Monday

Good morning, folks! I’m Clark, and this is somewhat of a sequel to: 3 steps to achieve your goal. In the aforementioned post, we looked at the 3 steps, based on The Secret and Abraham Hicks’ lessons, which you may follow to manifest a desire. And at the heart of it is think good-feeling thoughts. When things go back to normal (from Covid-19), and I believe they will, it will be time to go back to work :). Below, I’d like to share my take on how to feel good about Monday, because let’s be honest, Monday is the least favorite day of the week for you, isn’t it? The aim of this post is to see how we are going to feel good even when caught in a situation we don’t like very much.

The Obvious Tip: Do What You Like

So the saying goes: If you do something you enjoy, you don’t work a day in your life. Well, the thing is, almost everybody is not doing what they love. Sure, it feels good from time to time, for instance when you just completed a project and the boss is happy, or when bonus is paid. But if someone is to offer you right now the same amount of money for staying at home and the time to pursue your hobbies, will you take it?

Obviously, that is not saying you should slack off in your job. After all, your employers are paying you. But know that it is not wrong to wish for more. Keep that in mind, will you?

So you’d want to put a little time aside to feel good or fantasize. Imagine a scenario of you going to work in your dream job. Ask yourself what feelings you are experiencing. What does working in your dream job feels like? Are you excited going to work every single morning? What do you think of the people you work with? How do you feel about the ‘work’ itself? How does it feel when you teach/win/earn a lot of money/draw/write/’work’? Concentrate on your love for your ‘job’. Concentrate and milk the feelings of joy and serenity that come up as you go about your purpose in life. Immerse yourself in your imagination. Do this every morning and night.

The reason I suggest putting some time aside just to feel good is that feeling-good is not the usual state of being for most people. If you’d just notice how you’re feeling from time to time, you’d realize that there is an underlying current of stress, worry, anxiety, I-am-busy, I-have-a-problem, I-have-a-lot-of-problems, it goes on and on. Not many people can just be. This underlying current may have been with you for so long, that you’ve accepted it as a part of yourself. But it is not, and it might not be noticeable unless you consciously try to ‘catch’ it.

Sometimes you may find out more about your hobbies or interests. Enjoy doing research on them, rather than stressing over the fact that tomorrow is Monday! Whenever you do anything, feel good about it. Never think that what you do is of little use or a waste of time. Feeling good is not time-wasting. If something doesn’t feel good, don’t do it.

For Now Though: Like What You Do

You’d want to be happy throughout your journey of reaching that place where you’re excited about going to work every morning. Trust me when I say that is going to accelerate the process. You spend so much time in your current job. Life is a journey which should (and could) feel really good all the time. An example I can give (that I got from someone else) is that you don’t go to the movies just to get to the end. You want to enjoy the slow-burning anticipation before the movie begins (even from the time you step out of your house and head to the cinema), and then the start of the movie where the necessary components are moved into place, and then the exciting build-up which shocks and makes you slack-jawed, and finally the wonderful climax.

So feel good about your current job. If you find it real hard to do, put aside some time every morning and night to imagine how you’d like today/tomorrow to go. Being happy will get you to where you want to be.

And that’s it for this post. I hope you’d ponder and practice my modest opinions that I shared above. You may read the rest of this series by going to my Series page. Do let me know if you have any questions or comments, and I’d be happy to get into a wonderful discussion with you. Do visit my website often (because I’m publishing new content very regularly now), and please feel free to subscribe to my emails. Thanks a lot!

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