How to Feel Good About Money

Good day everybody. My name is Clark. Today’s article is related to my previous articles: 3 steps to achieve your goal and how to build wealth on a low income. In them, I talked about how we must feel good about money before they can come to us. But, the big question is how to feel good about money, especially when we don’t have much, or if we would like to manifest ‘serious’ amounts of it?

What I am going to put down below is largely based off what I understand of Abraham’s teachings (see the above articles), or so it was claimed that they are Abraham’s teachings.

Diminish the Bigness of Your Desire

The first thing you have to understand is that the ease/difficulty of manifesting small or big desires is the same. It is as easy/difficult to manifest a feather as it is to manifest a billion dollars. When you hear that, there will probably be a little voice inside you that goes, that’s not true.

It is also said that the time to manifest something depends only on the time we take to release our resistance or negative beliefs regarding our chances of getting what we have asked (the Universe or Source) for, and put ourselves at the ‘vibration’ or frequency of what we have asked for. Imagine a horizontal line which represents where we are with our beliefs in regards to money. Then our desire is another horizontal line situated somewhere above that line. Our job is to close that gap.

The ‘bigger’ the desire, the less belief we have that we could manifest it (in other words, the more resistance we have towards the idea of us actually getting it). But whether the desire is ‘big’ or ‘small’ depends only on our perception. An example similar to the ones given by Abraham is that we do not need to put in any effort to earn the oxygen that keeps us alive every day. The time that it takes to manifest something ‘significant’ can be the same as the time that is required to manifest something ‘modest’.

So the key is to first recognize this, and that is enough to take some of the resistance off. By being aware of this, when you feel resistance in regards to manifesting big money comes up inside you (in the form of you not feeling good), then you would have more of a chance to purposefully turn away from this feeling and choose a better-feeling thought instead. But what is a good way to go about it?

Be General

One of the things taught by Abraham is, when you’re not feeling very good about something, usually you’re remembering something specific in the past (or feeling anxious about a possible scenario, usually something bad, in the future) that made you feel wronged, taken advantage of, unworthy, or just unhappy. So it is advised to focus on something general, for example you can think about the fact that “there are many people on the planet who is not super intelligent, not that hardworking, or not very rich to begin with, but managed to become very wealthy”. “I feel optimistic because I managed to catch myself in the middle of a negative feeling-thought. This shows I have made progress with my manifestation”. Use what you already know. Rather than trying to go into the details of what you want.

The reason that it is easier to go from specific negative thoughts to general positive thoughts is that you may not be able to think of the specifics of it, especially when you’re feeling bad. And that just makes you more frustrated. Even if you are feeling OK, it is also advised that you start your manifesting process (including your visualization) by being general. When you are feeling good enough, then the specifics will start popping up in your head effortlessly.

Another useful trick you can perform when feeling bad is to meditate. In my SERIES page, under the “MEDITATION series” section you can find a list of meditation articles I’ve written previously.

Avoid the Pitfalls

One of the biggest traps in the process of manifesting something, that blocks what’s coming to us, is that when we finally reach that place of feeling good, we do not understand why we are feeling that way and are bothered by it. Hence, our mind will tend to analyze how we got from then to now. Which more often than not brings us back to focusing on the period of time (and the events and circumstances during that time) when we weren’t feeling that good, and that lowers our vibration.

Realize that the past is the past and there is nothing we can do to change it. What matters is things are good right in this moment.

And that’s it for today. I hope you’ve found this useful in some way or another. Please share, come back often to my website, and subscribe to my emails! Leave any questions or comments that you have in the comment box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks a lot!

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