How to Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Good morning everyone, Clark here. Today let me share with you a most powerful, but too often underestimated and underused, tool that has the power to transform your life – Gratitude. Below I will first touch on the transformational power of gratitude, and then we go on to how to have an attitude of gratitude.


The Magic of Being Grateful

“If you’ll just turn everything around in your mind with regard to those areas of your life that you say are ‘not working’, you’ll find they are actually working. They are working in a way that may not be entirely clear to you but will absolutely take you where you want to go.”

“But if you declare them to be not working, not part of a perfect process, you will get stuck at that level of the process and never get out of that level.”

What you resist, persist.

Anytime you find yourself faced with an unexpected obstacle or detour in your life – when something isn’t going the way you think it should, or when you’re not experiencing the outcomes you wish to experience in any area of your life – just trust that it is part of a miraculous process that is getting you – though perhaps in a roundabout way – exactly where you want to go and don’t react negatively to it. Accept that it is part of your journey and move into gratitude for things being just the way they are right now.

If you can do that, a sense of peace will overcome you, and from that place of peace you’ll be open to accepting the next miracle that comes along to bring you closer to what you truly desire and wish to call forth.

When you reach your destination and you look back at the path you’ve taken to get there, you’ll realize that without these obstacles and detours, you may have gotten there so much later, or never have arrived at all.

Gratitude Could Be Your Automatic State of Mind


Move through every moment of every day, and go to sleep every night, being grateful for exactly what’s happening in your life right now – no matter what it is. Do this and you’ll be stunned by the difference it makes in the way you see the world, and how the world responds to you.

Set an alarm to go off at the same time each day. When it does, spend five minutes thinking of things you’re grateful for, of which there is an endless supply.

As you get more comfortable with the process and it becomes easier for you to tap into gratitude and get the flow going, you might increase the length of time you spend in this state, or the number of times you do it each day.

The remarkable thing about gratitude is that it is the ultimate antidote to negativity. Practice gratitude regularly, and you’ll soon find that there simply isn’t room in your mind for any other kind of thinking. Gratitude changes responses like anger, frustration and resentment into positive, grateful, life-affirming thoughts. That, in turn, will make you much more attuned to the positive, life-affirming people and opportunities that are available all around you at all times.

So make gratitude a central feature in your life today, and every day!

And You Can Use (Free) HYPNOSIS to Help You

What is hypnosis, anyway?


A hypnosis session works by first taking you down into a deep, relaxing state. Then, using a combination of affirmations, visualization and special NLP exercises, it helps you reprogram your mind in a hugely beneficial way by installing positive and empowering beliefs and thought patterns.

Hypnosis can help you become more confident, release fears and phobias, stop smoking, achieve success, have an attitude of gratitude, change any area of your life.

It is a proven method of self-change used by millions of people. And research has also proven that hypnosis works on most people, though it is the individual’s motivation, willingness and ability to concentrate that determines success.

If you’re interested, the free Hypnosis Live MP3 audio, titled “Attitude of Gratitude” and written/recorded by a highly-qualified hypnotherapist and master NLP practitioner, is my recommendation.

On my Hypnosis Live review post, click on the links to receive a free hypnosis audio. Just download the MP3 file you want, play, and follow the instructions. It’s that simple.

Make Gratitude a central feature of your life… today, and every day!

No matter the circumstances in your life right now, go to sleep every night and move through every moment of every day, being grateful for exactly what’s happening in your life right now.

Then a miracle happens.

Here’s the link again: Hypnosis Live review

That is all from me. Please share this with others if you’ve found it useful, and if you have any questions or comments in regards to this subject matter just let me know in the comment box below and I will get back to you ASAP. See you around!

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10 thoughts on “How to Have an Attitude of Gratitude”

  1. I use a form of hypnosis to develop my attitude of gratitude. I listen to a positive affirmation tape as I fall asleep. The affirmations are said out loud three times in a row while classical music is played in the background. It is very soothing. After a few nights, I can tell that I am thinking more and more positively about my life in general and how much success that I will have.

    • Well done, as the saying goes there are many ways to skin a cat. If this works for you, please continue to live life feeling grateful for anything and everything. You won’t believe the transformation that you and your life goes through.

  2. Hello there! I have just finished reading your article about having an attitude of gratitude and just have to post you a quick comment to say thanks! This is something that I have been doing for quite a while but you have written this article in such a lovely way that it just reminded me of the reasons we try to keep a positive attitude. There is a magic of being grateful and you captured it perfectly here. 

    Many thanks,


    • I’m happy this post inspired you to continue to practice being grateful. Other than it gets us what we want, the most incredible benefit of gratitude might just be the delicious feeling we get. And that is ultimately why we want what we want, to feel really good and happy.

  3. I love this post! This is something I am trying to do more and more each day. Wake up and think of all the things I am grateful for. There are things in my life that are not the way I would like right now, but I can’t make them change. So, I’m trying to accept them and be grateful for what I do have. Thank you for your post, I hope a lot of people read it and become more positive.

  4. Hi Clark, thank you for the post. As someone who has lost just about everything, I am in that self-pity stage. Feeling sorry for myself is a lot easier than rising up to the challenge. When I read post like yours, it reminds me that I still have a lot to be grateful for and a lot to offer. Thank you again for the extra needed burst of mind energy. Reggie

  5. This is a great reminder for me to look at all the positives. I have a tendency to first see the positives, then I think about the situation some more and immediately jump to the negatives; it does affect how I look at things. Now I’m trying to train myself to not be so worried when something doesn’t exactly go the way I planned it to be; it’s just a detour in my journey.


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