How to Increase Energy NATURALLY

Dear reader, how are you? My name is Clark and I welcome you to my site. How would you like to experience sustained fire and keep yourself operating at your highest energy level throughout even the most challenging days? In the paragraphs that follow, I’m going to be discussing with you how to increase energy naturally and through safe means. Although fret not, the methods below are by no means un-useful or weak, and I believe they work much better than conventional advice.

Previously, I have written How to Overcome Lack of Energy. This is somewhat of a sequel. You may read that first, then return to this page.

Energy Actions/Exercises

I am not a supporter of taking pills. Pharmaceutical medicine has its place, for example, if you are already sick then I would suggest you take those pills to save your body from further harm, as compared to testing out unconventional healing. However, during normal conditions I would always prefer a natural method over a chemical one.

Exercise is always recommended but it is not easy to achieve the effect we want with it, in this instance to have more energy throughout the day. For instance, some exercises are too physical or hard-to-do and thus not suitable for certain groups of people. Some exercises, like yoga or tai-chi, may require a real master (and not just learn from YouTube videos) in order for you to reap the benefits of it. Else I’m afraid it may do more harm than good if it’s not done right.

Therefore, how about trying a set of actions/exercises that is easy to do, does not cost anything, can be finished in 5 minutes, and which establishes healthy energy habits in all your body’s energy systems? Having healthy energy flow throughout your body also leads to natural healing for whatever imperfections your body is experiencing.

These actions or exercises are together called the Donna Eden Daily Energy Routine. Notice the word ‘daily’ in the title. It is recommended that you do them every day or even better, several times a day. As with normal exercises, we cannot expect miracles by just doing this a few times.

Let’s take one of the exercises from the Donna Eden Daily Energy Routine – The Crossover Shoulder Pull. This involves dragging your fingers from each of your shoulders down and across your body diagonally to the opposite hip. Such actions make the energies in you flow in a figure-8 pattern, which is the natural way that energy flows. When the energies do not cross over properly, we lose some of our vitality as well as our ability to heal or prevent illness. Read: Donna Eden Daily Energy Routine – Healing by Energy!

Brainwave Entrainment

An alternative recommendation to the energy exercises above is listening to brainwave entrainment audio recordings. These audios (you just need a laptop, tablet or smartphone to listen to them) use special sounds to sync our brainwaves to particular frequencies.

Our brains have been likened to a tuning fork. If you tap a tuning fork to make it vibrate and hold it close to another fork, the second fork will start vibrating at the same frequency as the first (Perhaps this is why we were always taught to avoid people who might be negative influences on us?). In very simple terms, this is the principle by which brainwave entrainment helps you. By listening to an audio recording containing a specific encrypted frequency, the brain copies that frequency and brings about that state of mind.

For example, the ‘15-Minute Recharge’ brainwave entrainment audio that I have helps restore focus and replenish energy reserves. It features upbeat music at 136 BPM and a carefully-cultivated isochronic tone which peaks at 50 Hz (as a comparison, exposing your brain to a frequency of 3 Hz will start putting you into a deep and peaceful sleep) to generate gamma waves in the brain, making it possible to re-energize yourself quickly and naturally without the need for pills or medication. If you are interested, please see: FREE Brainwave Entrainment Downloads, from Brain Hacker. On that post, you will find that the audios you need are not free unless you purchase Subliminal360, but they are certainly affordable. Other audios that I have for this specific purpose of increasing energy naturally are ‘Energy Booster’, ‘Big Night Out’, ‘Creativity + Brainstorming’, and ‘Enter the Zone’.

Using Mind Power

Just like we use imagination and other mental practices to increase our wealth consciousness, so we can use our mind power to tap into our universal reservoir of energy. A bit hard to believe, but who’s to say he/she understands everything about this universe? There’s an “Infinite Universe” theory out there that dictates that every time a decision or action is taken, a new branch of a timeline is created where an alternate decision is made (like in Avengers: Endgame). This is something that scientists have been examining for decades, and who’s to say it’s not true, or that scientists wouldn’t figure out a way to utilize this knowledge to benefit us in some way in the future?

I have previously written a piece on using mind power to raise our level of consciousness. It focuses on becoming wealthy, but it easily applies to health as well.

And that’s all from me today! If you have found this post to be useful may I request that you share it with the people you know and love, and if you have any questions or comments in regards to increasing your energy naturally just let me know below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

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