How to learn to let go of the past?

Hey there, how are you feeling today? I’m Clark, and today let us look at how to learn to let go of the past. Many people can’t help remembering events where someone has wronged, or took advantage of, or were just being plain nasty to them, and then feeling a strong negative emotional charge from the memory.

Try It A Little

Have you ever had someone turn your trust into something ugly before? If you have, then you’d know that it is not easy to not keep being triggered whenever you hear a seemingly innocent word or see something as you go about your day that reminds you of that past event.

But perhaps you’ve heard that it’s not healthy to keep dwelling over something that makes you unhappy. Perhaps you’ve heard that staying happy tunes you into the energy that creates worlds, perhaps you’ve heard that being happy brings you the life you want and not the other way around.

So my advice is, try it a little bit. All the time, give your focus to something that makes you happy. You don’t need to forgive in the traditional sense. I always thought that forgiveness is more like not feeling any emotional charge when you remember the relevant event. You don’t have to hold his/her hand and have a heart-to-heart talk with that person. To me, forgiveness is just moving on and not letting that event continue to affect your vibration (feelings/happiness) and hence your life.

When you’re happy, there is less chance of you being affected if you hear or see the ‘trigger’ words or sights. Oftentimes once you get going it is difficult to turn the tide, so to speak, so my recommendation is first thing in the morning focus on something that gets you feeling good before those triggers have the chance to ruin your day!

Another thing is when you’re feeling happy, it is less likely you’ll notice the triggers! Also, happiness brings more of the thoughts, events and people that help you stay that way, and less of the opposite, so you come across seemingly magical encounters that help you to ride the wave.

Regret Is Another Useless Emotion

Do you always feel regret for something not done? Oh, I’ve wasted time doing so and so. I’ve not accomplished much in the last few hours. I didn’t meditate enough. I wasn’t happy enough.

Keep moving forward. The past is the past and there is nothing we can do to change that. But we can change the now. We can decide what we think and feel now. Our emotions are just a result of our thoughts, so if you want to feel better, just think of a more happy thought.

Be Happy!

Once you get yourself into a happy place, you won’t regret doing so. When you’re busy focusing on being happy, there is no room for the unhappy past to come into your consciousness. If you want to ask a question regarding today’s topic please leave it below, and same goes for if you have something you want to let off your chest. Till the next one, cheerio!

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