How to Manifest Financial Freedom

What’s up, gals and guys? I am Clark, the author for this website. Here on this page we are going to look at how to manifest financial freedom, which is a topic close to the hearts of most people, I am sure. I’ve written a Manifesting Money Meditation script just recently and you are most welcomed to check it out. However, there are countless ways in which to look at and do this and surely there are not enough posts that I can write for such an important topic.

What we’re going to do below is go through an example (or some examples) of a manifesting money session that you may begin to apply to your own life to become financially free. So basically you are going to become rich in your mind. Focusing on something intensely will start to bring it to you physically as well. It also takes your attention away from what-is, from what is currently happening in your life right now, from your current financial situation. Because focusing on what-is keeps you there. Noticing that you don’t have the money you want will keep your money beliefs in the same place that they’ve always been. And keeping the same beliefs means you’ll keep expecting, and attracting, the same circumstances.

Before Your Session – What to Do

You know the drill. Make sure you set aside sufficient time for you to really get into it. Start taking deep breaths. Pick a place where you could be by yourself. Begin to focus intensely on the present. When you do that, your monkey mind begins to slow down. You’ll begin to feel a sense of clarity and with it comes a little relief as well as optimism.

Now close your eyes and relax completely. Decide that you’re going to let the Universe lead you to where you want to go. Decide that you don’t need to know all the details; you don’t need to know how the Universe is going to arrange that. All that matters is it happening. As long as life takes you higher and higher, you don’t need to know how.

Please, Don’t Think of the How

When you think of how it’s going to come, you’re basically thinking of what-is. Because you don’t know the details, and you have no idea how you’re going to possibly get there (that’s the exciting part, actually). So you begin to try and work out the details, and that brings your current situation into your focus, because you’re trying to figure out how to get there from where you are. If you look back at your life, let me know how many of those big life events that you see coming. Did you even know in advance the profession that you’ll be in today? And if you did, did you foresee how everything was going to pan out? I bet there were plenty of twists and turns along the way. Perhaps you can hardly remember how it happened. For me personally, I never thought that I’ll be so into personal development today.

So just close your eyes and imagine a scenario in which you have already achieved financial freedom. And when it comes to imagining something, it is often the feeling that matters the most. So how do you make yourself feel really good? By setting the goal very high, by thinking about something that gives you the chills when you think about it. By seeing yourself do something that you really want to do. Now that’s setting the bar high. Because many people aren’t doing what they want to do. They are doing what others want them to do, what their parents want them to do, what their boss wants them to do, what their spouse wants them to do.

Ask yourself: what would you be doing today if you have all the money you want? It could be doing nothing, for a start. Maybe you just want to bask in the glory and celebrate your new-found freedom? Ask yourself questions that begin with ‘what’ and ‘why’. What am I feeling right now? Am I anticipating and feeling excited for the rest of my life now that I have no more financial worries? What would I like to do that I have not had the chance to do up until now because I had to work hard for money?

Why do I want to have so much money? What can I do with it? After you have asked the question, stay relaxed and observe what comes up. Maybe you’ll imagine yourself telling others the good news. Maybe you’ll do a fist pump. Allow your thoughts to run wild.

Practice and Practice… Then Practice Some More!

And remember, the aim of such sessions is always to fully enjoy your time in the imaginary realm. If you could manifest the emotions of being financially free, then it is just a matter of time before it manifests physically. You can do this every morning once you wake up, and then you can go on with the rest of your day carrying that electric feeling with you. Before we part ways here, feel free to let me know all your questions and comments below. Read the other FREE Guided Meditation Scripts. Till the next time. Thanks a lot!

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