How to Quit Alcohol Addiction

Good morning everybody, my name is Clark and on this page I am going to give you some recommendations on how to quit alcohol addiction. If you are already addicted to alcohol, first of all I just want to let you know – please continue with whatever advice or medication that your doctor has given you to treat your condition. See if any of my suggestions below can be incorporated into your recovery. Some methods may not be suited for people on medication.

If you think that you are borderline addicted, perhaps you should seek medical advice in addition to trying out my recommendations below. My methods are natural methods, but there is always a time and place to go natural and another for medication.

Drink One, Water One

If you cannot stop drinking all at once, practice the “Drink One, Water One” principle. Drink some water in between each alcoholic drink. This will reduce your drinking by half and keeps you hydrated. You would feel fuller and less drunk, which gives you more control over your drinking.

Get someone to be there if you would like to practice this. Your companion can help to make sure you drink according to this principle.

Mindset Change

This recommendation is probably the most difficult to implement. Only people who are addicted to alcohol (or anything else) would know how hard it really is to stop drinking by using willpower alone. However, you should give it your best shot and it all starts with a mindset change.

Under this method, we draw up a list of pros and cons of excessive drinking. Drinking has been said to help people forget about their problems. It is also said to be a way to relax and unwind after a stressful day. However, I usually feel less good when I drink, because I’m less in control of my mental faculties. Therefore, I only drink on happy occasions because otherwise I just feel bad. Your problems will still be there when you sober up. There are ways to forget but still move towards overcoming your problems.

Remember that excessive drinking is never good for your relationships (those that really matter). By being sober, you would have more time and energy for the people and activities you care about like your loved ones or your business. Be strong and do not be coerced into drinking.

What about Subliminal Audios?

I have written many posts about this, so let me just get straight to the point. Subliminal audios are expected to reprogram your thought patterns and thus would be able to help you overcome alcohol addiction. I will let you understand more about them here: Subliminal Guru – Get Two FREE Subliminal MP3 Downloads!

The only thing you need to be careful of is brainwave entrainment subliminal audios. They are not advisable for people under the influence of medication or drugs, pregnant women, those under 18 years of age, in situations that require your direct attention, and for a few more groups of people and in a few more situations. This is also discussed in my post above (the link). But there are non-brainwave entrainment subliminal audios available, so no worries there.

When you are more familiar with subliminal audios, you may explore hypnosis, which I believe is just a more powerful form of subliminal.

That’s it for today! Come back often to see whether I have published a new post, and please feel free to subscribe to my emails. Leave any questions or comments that you have in the comment box below and I’ll get back to you ASAP. And finally, my friend, may I request that you share this post with people who you think might benefit from it. Thanks a lot!

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