How to Relax Your Mind and Thus Your Body

Hey everyone, what’s up? Clark here. Here on this page we’ll be having a discussion on how to relax your mind, and thus your body as well. There are proven ways to relax your body but you should know that mind and body is so interconnected that we cannot really talk about one without mentioning the other. I will share with you what I found on the web, but rest assured I will also have my own recommendations.


It is a widespread belief that mind is the master of everything, and if you could control your mind properly, you take control of your life. On a smaller scale, that’s also true in terms of relaxation. If you find a way to relax the mind, the body relaxes on its own. Obviously you can find a lot of relaxation methods on the internet, some to relax your mind and others your body, but because of the way mind and body are interconnected many methods work on both.

To relax your mind simply means to make it feel calm and peaceful, letting fear, worry, low confidence or self-esteem, anger, resentment, hate, frustration and confusion leave yourself. We should have sufficient energy in our body, young or old, to last the entire day every day but due to negative thoughts or emotions just mentioned going through our minds all day, they cause our body to tire easily. When your mind is relaxed, your body follows suit, your muscles become less tense and more flexible, and you feel more energetic and optimistic, or up-for-it, when you want to do something.

Being relaxed eases your stress, anxiety and depression. It slows aging, assists you to feel more connected to yourself and other people, increases immunity, improves brain function, increases attention span and helps you to lose weight(!)

Now, how to…

So I have done RESEARCH on how to relax both mind and body. The suggestions I found range from performing breathing exercises (taking slow, deep breaths, hold it for a moment then exhale), to meditating, to listening to slow soothing music (including brainwave entrainment MP3), to soaking your body in a warm bath(tub), to writing. Some people feel relaxed after they write about their feelings. Another method that was recommended is guided imagery, in which you imagine yourself in a certain setting that helps you feel calm and relaxed.

I have found that reading also helps, especially when I read paperback fictions. This might be connected to my childhood, where I would immerse myself in a fictional book, a fictional world after school. Back then there weren’t any e-books.

Other methods to relax both mind and body include taking a walk, doing exercise, treating yourself to a massage, having a warm drink like (warm) milk which does not have alcohol or caffeine in it, and doing yoga, in which you can take a class or learn it by yourself from books and/or videos.

But always remember that some methods work best for some people and others work best for other people. So you may want to test a few if not all of the relaxation methods above in order to know what works best for you.

And THAT is all from me on this page. If you have enjoyed or found this to be useful may I request that you kindly share it with the people you know and love. If you have any questions or comments in regards to the relaxation of mind and body, just let me know in the comment box below and I will get back to you ASAP. Thank you very much for reading this article of mine!

6 thoughts on “How to Relax Your Mind and Thus Your Body”

  1. Thanks Clark from my side too for this revealing article. Just like there is a connection between mind and body, there is a maybe even stronger connection between gut and brain, a topic I personally am very concerned with. A healthy gut guarantees a healthy brain, with a healthy brain the mind tends to be healthier too.  You see, everything is so interconnected. It makes me reject almost traditional medicine where they only look at one part of the body.

    • You know, I have heard about the importance of the gut before. I suppose there must be some basis for the term “gut feeling” to be borne.

      And you’re right, everything is interconnected. So the best thing to do is not think too much about which part of ourselves to relax, and just let go using any technique that works for you. If we can relax one part of ourselves the rest would soon follow. Like they say, “the rich gets richer and the poor poorer”, and I believe that principle applies to health and relaxation as well.

  2. Hi Clark. Thank you for this post. I have always been fascinated with the theory of the duality, mind and body. One always reacts to the other. I do also believe in the ”letting go”, surrendering to the present moment by letting go of the heavy thoughts and feelings. Like you mentioned, It is true that keeping all this negative energy is wearing down on the body power resources. I didn’t know about the Brainwave Entrainment until I realized, upon reading your article, that I was actually practicing it without knowing! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it!

    • Do you mean you listen to brainwave entrainment audios? Since I’m not sure how you can ‘practice’ it…

      But yeah, letting go could be a really good way to relax. Stay in the present moment and don’t mind what has happened in the past or wonder what might happen in the future. It has been said that meditation and staying in the present are one and the same, or at the very least achieve the same effect. So you could very well try meditating as well, because it provides a different way to reach relaxation in mind and body.

  3. Hi Clark, this is an interesting topic, as modern stresses can cause most of us to need to find a way to relax both the mind and body. Have you ever looked into biofeedback devices to help train the mind and body to relax? I’m fascinated with the research but would like to find something that gets solid reviews from the community. Thanks in advance for your response!

    • Hi Aly, I’m afraid I’m not an expert on biofeedback devices. I do make use of the devices/methods I have mentioned above, and am much pleased with the results I got. You could give those a go, else I wish you all the best with your research!


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