How to stop being shy

What’s up, folks? Welcome (back???) to my site, and I love it that you visit. Obviously, you want to know how to stop being shy if you’re on this page, and rest assured below I will share with you everything I know about it.

Everyone Is On Their Own Journey

The first thing to know is that everybody has their own journey to undertake in life. So don’t be disheartened if you find yourself still shy in your 20s or even a little bit in your 30s. When it’s time to be less shy, you will be guided to transform.

The good news is shyness really does go off with age. That is my experience and belief. As you live life and find that other people are not that much better than you, and that we are all trying to find our way in life, you will start to lose some of that shyness you have.

What Is Shy?

Shyness ultimately comes from being insecure. From thinking that you are not as good as the other person. From being afraid of something. From caring about what others think.

Shyness and being quiet is not the same thing. Shyness or insecurity is something that you feel inside of you. If you are naturally a quiet person but feel comfortable with being quiet, then you’re not shy anymore in my opinion. You can choose to be quiet and feel secure about it.

So the first thing you can do is being comfortable about being quiet. Not asking you to be rude, but if you don’t feel like talking then don’t. If people keep bugging you about it, just say that you can’t think of anything to say at the moment. Don’t force yourself, don’t rack your brains, trying to say something, anything, when you have absolutely nothing to say.

Feeling Secure, How?

Feeling secure comes from being aligned with the Universe, your soul, God, All-and-One or whatever name humans have come up with. That happens when you’re happy or joyful. That happens when you are in an appreciative-of-life-and-everything mood. That happens when you are doing something you have lots of passion for.

When you live according to your soul’s desires, the power of the entire Universe is at your fingertips. You’ll be sure of yourself. You’d be so joyful with yourself and your life that there is no room for shyness or insecurity. You’ll be OK with a moment (or moments) of quietness taking in your surroundings and appreciating it.

When you live according to your soul’s wants, it’s like you are always guided by someone or something to do all the right things, say all the right words, and with that comes a quiet confidence in you to say what you want when you want to.

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Here Is Where I Take My Leave

That is all I have for you here. I hope you like it, and if you want to read more just follow the link above. If you have any questions or comments please don’t be shy (pun intended) to leave them in the comment box below. Till the next time, thanks a lot!

4 thoughts on “How to stop being shy”

  1. Feeling secure, it’s a hell of a job. Feeling secure is a daily task, a verb, a challenge and that secure feeling has many faces, a different one every day. A traumatic event, a bad relationship can destroy that feeling. When making choices in life, we have to be wise. Protect and respect oneself.

    • I agree that feeling secure is something that we need to work on constantly. But in terms of making wise choices, it is not that easy. And what is wise to some might not seem so wise to others. Follow my suggestions above. That is a much easier path to follow.

  2. Hey Clark. Very interesting article. It’s good to see that there are places on the web that focus on more important topics than making money and commerce. It is a constant journey to look inside yourself and fight with shyness and fears. And it’s even more difficult currently, with spending so much time at home. Thank you for your great post, looking forward to test your advice in practice.

    • I hope my post has given you some insights with regards to shyness as well as a method that you can put into practice to be less shy. That was my intention with this post, still is, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. This method can be applied everywhere, so no worries about spending too much time at home.


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