How to stop feeling tired all the time

Hi folks, and welcome to this site! I’m Clark, and I want to share my opinion with you, on how to stop feeling tired all the time. I won’t be talking about eating habits, exercise, although those are good things to do. I want to delve right into the heart of it, because as children we never seem to run out of energy, so why should it be any different when we are adults?

The Difference Between Young and Old

The difference I can see with kids and adults is the zest for life. Kids wake up every day expecting to have fun, knowing that life is full of beautiful things to see and joyful, fulfilling experiences to go through. Every single day.

Adults wake up dreading that they have to go to work. Some students wake up dreading to go to school. Adults have all kinds of ‘problems’ that they have to overcome, and some even like to create problems (whether consciously or unconsciously) for themselves and others so that they can solve them and feel important. Adults spend time looking at others and comparing. They wonder why their neighbor has a bigger car than them. They look at how others are wrong and they are right.

If adults can just adopt the mindset they had when they were children, they might well find that they can’t wait to get out of bed in the mornings. And when the mind is eager to live out the day, when the self is eager to live out the day, you would find your body transform in a short period of time to less aches and pains, more energy and vitality. Because I have said before that the body always renews itself so there should be no issue of our cells breaking down or becoming weaker over time.

Imagine How You Want Your Life To Be

Remember how you always imagine scenarios when you were a kid? How you were a hero on a journey to save a loved one? How you are going to achieve great success, earn lots of money and make your parents proud?

Well, it’s time to start dreaming again. Put aside a few minutes before bed to dream about how you want your life to turn out. Trust me, if you can do it for a few minutes it will be a good achievement already. At the beginning you may find it hard to do this for a full minute without losing your concentration and going back to thinking the things you always think about. Like your problems. Once you can do this for a few minutes then you can think about extending the length of your imagination.

Want to travel to Disneyland in Japan with someone special and having a blast? Imagine that. Want to take a relaxing holiday at a beach house somewhere quiet to celebrate your ‘killing’ in the stock market? Imagine that too. Imagining such a wonderful life at night gives you a good sleep as well as the positive expectation you need to start the next day. And once you see your life turning out the way you imagined, because thoughts turn to things, then you’ll really start to wake up like a kid again, full of enthusiasm for the day.

Let’s Discuss!

I will take my leave here, but do let me know how your life turns out after trying out my suggestion above. Do you feel less tired by doing the things that kids do? You can leave your questions and comments in the comment box below. Till the next time, cheerio!

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