How to study personal development EFFECTIVELY

Good morning, gals and guys. As always, I’m Clark. Recently, I wrote a piece which contains some suggestions on what you can do during a Covid-19 lockdown in order to put your time to good use. I recommended watching YouTube videos on Abraham’s teachings (presented by Esther Hicks), plus reading (or re-reading) personal development books. Here I would like to elaborate on how to study personal development in an effective way so that you would get more out of your time.

Watch/Read, Ponder/Savor, Practice, Repeat

When I read a personal development book, I found that if I read it through all at once, it is less effective than reading perhaps a chapter at a time and then putting into practice what I’ve learned. So I’d like to suggest this to you as well. Don’t watch 20 videos at once, or read 500+ pages in one sitting. Instead savor them like fine wine.

When I’m watching a really good Abraham video (most of them are), or reading a really good personal development book, normally feel-good feelings would start to come over me. Certain parts or passages would make me stop. Usually that’s when I hear or read something that really resonates with me. It’s sort of like having an epiphany. Milk it when it comes. Savor the fact that you are making progress in your journey. Sometimes I would like to think more about it, plan what I can do with the information or inspiration that I just got. But the key word is feel-good. Don’t stress over it, instead have fun with it. Congratulate yourself for the epiphany that you managed to ‘achieve’. And achieved it you did by watching or reading a personal development video or book.

Also, here’s an obvious suggestion, but one that I’d like to put down anyway, is to read a book that is really good. You would know which ones are by how much it resonates with your deepest self, and how good you feel inside, while reading it. Of course, certain books might resonate more with you at certain times in your life, but most really good books will work for readers of all levels at any time.

What Are Some Really Good Books You Recommend?

My first Law of Attraction book was The Secret. Many people have heard of it since its publication over 10 years ago and I’m sure you have too. I have also read other books by Rhonda Byrne, including The Power, The Magic and Hero. If you’re not familiar with the Law of Attraction or manifesting, I would strongly recommend these set of books. They are simple to understand, and provide a very good starting point for you to become familiar with the concepts and principles and practices behind the Law of Attraction.

Read: The Secret Book Series

Recently, I had the pleasure of reading The Power of Now. I think it is one of the best books I have ever read. Its focus is on achieving enlightenment, to experience true love, joy, serenity and peace in the midst of living our crazy life.

Ask and It Is Given is a fantastic book, no matter where you are in life right now. It is based on Abraham’s teachings, although you may want to head over to YouTube first to watch her videos. So is Prosper While You Sleep (a fantastic book), which you will receive for free if you subscribe to my emails :).

But really, in the end it is all about how reading the book makes you feel. You may not know which book is good until you’ve read it, so sometimes you have to depend on trial and error. Go with your gut feeling. You should at least know which books you want to read again.

I hope you get into the flow of studying, savoring and practicing personal development. Do come back often to my website because nowadays I’m publishing new content regularly. Feel free to subscribe to my emails. Just leave any questions or comments that you might have below and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks a lot!

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