How to unlock your Feminine Power!

Hey guys and gals, welcome to my page. If you’re currently frustrated at the huge and many differences between the possibilities that you sense for yourself and how life actually shows up, or if you feel like something is wrong with you at the moment or your life in general but couldn’t quite place the finger on exactly what it is, then the most important thing you could learn to do right now might be how to unlock your feminine power.

And in the current era where women are given more freedom and opportunities than ever before in history, and feminine qualities are actually being respected and encouraged more and more, what better time to embrace your feminine power and live YOUR larger life?

Why tap into Feminine Power?

It is said that each of us has both masculine and feminine qualities in ourselves. Masculine qualities such as drive, competitiveness, assertiveness, analytical and confidence are said to be great at creating something predictable or controllable, in which you set a goal, break it down into steps, create a working plan and execute it. However, qualities that are more associated with the feminine are said to be key to connecting with our inner wisdom, knowing what is best for us and manifesting our desires. Qualities such as kindness, passion, giving, collaborative and intuitiveness.

When opportunities in career and business were first opened up for women, they tried to copy or fit into the existing model of doing things. Women learned to become more competitive, harder, because that is how men have done it for centuries. However, lately, feminine qualities have become in fashion. Feminine qualities are now being hypothesized to be more powerful in creating a successful business. For example, slowing down and using your intuition to make important decisions can be more effective than the opposite side of the coin and that is to apply your masculine traits of doing and taking action to make things happen. But this is, of course, what we have been taught to do in our cultures.

Men often exhibit more masculine traits, while the opposite is true for women. Of course, our environment also plays a big part especially in this time and age. But if your heart aches for experiences of deep intimacy and connection with your lover, always feeling you belong in different crowds, smooth, easy and flowing relationships with people, your creative talents to make a difference in the world, and to feel alive at all times every day, these are areas in the realm of the feminine, and you need to utilize your feminine qualities to make them happen. This is because the primary barrier to success is not something outside of you, instead it is the core beliefs that you have about yourself, others and the world around you. Unless you break free of them, no matter how hard you try you would not succeed.

Another reason that we need to use our feminine traits to manifest such desires is that we do not necessarily know what would bring us happiness. Therefore we might not know what we want, who we’re compatible with, etc. Because we’re not there yet.

Unlocking your Feminine Power

In the above section we have seen that when we succeed in tapping into our feminine power, we become a magnet for our desires that belong in the realm of the feminine. Below I have recommended a few simple methods to help you unlock your feminine power, or at least prepare you to.

One of the ways is to make sure you put aside enough time for rest and recreation. Take a warm bath with essential oils. Meditate. Do something that makes you feel happy. Have fun. Just remember that if you’re suffering from burn-out or not motivated to do anything, then you would be of little use to anyone. Feeling good in your body and mind gets you performing at 100%. Intuition is also something that comes to you when you are feeling well-rested, peaceful, and connected to your inner wisdom.

Pick one day of the week and don’t make any plans for that day. Just do what you feel like doing at every moment. Let your inner being or source guide you as to your plans for the day. Be in the now and feel peace.

Reconnect with nature, sit in a park with trees and animals around you, take a trip to the beach or countryside, walk bare feet on the earth. As a species we have become disconnected from nature as we become more technology-focused, and as more and more trees are being cut off to be replaced by tall skyscrapers.

It is also claimed that doing things that are associated with the feminine (think, creative endeavors), such as keeping a journal, dancing, painting, decorating, cooking, wearing floral dresses, etc. gets you more in touch with your feminine traits. So dance sensually, allow your body to express the music. Put your thoughts down in your journal, and don’t worry about the grammar, because this is about expressing your thoughts and emotions, so just let them flow.

To know in more detail about how you can unlock your feminine power at a deeper level, kindly listen to Dr. Claire Zammit’s webinar (first, read my introduction of the webinar, which also contains the link/invitation to the webinar) which will elaborate more on the secrets of unlocking your feminine power at a deeper level. It is geared towards women listeners but I think the men reading this might learn something from it as well. Alternatively, you could let the special women in your life know about this. The webinar is free.

And that is all from me here. If you have found the information above to be worthy and useful, please share it with other people in your social media page or anywhere else, anytime. And if you have any questions or comments regarding feminine power just let me know in the comment box below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for reading my post until the end!

4 thoughts on “How to unlock your Feminine Power!”

  1. Hi there,

    I once attended an online webinar about our feminine and masculine sides and it talked about similar things. The speakers also mentioned how many women are not leaning in enough to their feminine sides nowadays because they find themselves in competitive work environments. It was really interesting and eye-opening.
    I have not connected much to my femininity lately, I am always focused on writing, which I love by the way, and working on my websites. I live near the beach and I have not gone to the beach in over a month … I am going to do that soon again. I am craving a bath with essential oils but I do not have a bath tub yet. I will follow your other tips, though 🙂

    • Yes, do connect to your feminine side as much as you can, and try to bring it into your writing and website work. For example, you can listen closely to your intuition and let it guide you in your writing. If you can do that, ironically the things you do have a much more powerful impact.

  2. Hi, very good post here, good information for women, I take 2 nights per week to do that in my home.
    I have a small spa where I go 2 or 3 times every week, and sometimes after relaxing in the spa, I get a little high and start to sigh and dance in the house and my children tell me to stop doing that cause I look like a fool.
    But it’s my time and when I do that it makes me happy and gives me a lot of energy to go on.

    Thank you for sharing this information, I am happy to have read your post.


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