Hypnosis Live – The Best Way to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind!

Product: Hypnosis Live MP3 Audios
Who is it for: Anyone who feel STUCK in some area of their lives
Where to buy: HypnosisLive.com
Price: $32.95 for a bundle
Guarantee: 2-week money back guarantee
Rating: 90 out of 100 (Highly recommended!)

HYPNOSIS. The word brings to mind images of old Hollywood movies, in which an ominous man with a swinging watch gets his victims to cluck like a chicken. Do you know, however, that Samuel L. Jackson, Kate Moss, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Oprah have ALL used hypnosis in the past to help change some area of their lives?

Inspire3 (the team that brought you Zen12, Subliminal Guru and Subliminal360) has a collection of hypnosis MP3 audios called Hypnosis Live. Some say that listening to these audios is the best way to reprogram your subconscious mind.


Hypnosis and Its UNEXPECTED Benefits

Hypnosis works by first inducing (talking) you into a deep state of relaxation – then feeding your mind with positive new ideas that are in line with the change you desire.

Hypnosis was actually approved for use in HOSPITALS since 1958 by the American Medical Association, and almost all modern hospitals now make use of hypnosis to some degree. It has been proven to dramatically reduce migraines, speed up recovery from surgery, reduce the intensity of pain, help overcome drug addiction, relieve chemotherapy symptoms and lower blood pressure, just to name a few.

Hypnosis has also been used by thousands worldwide to improve confidence and self-esteem, let go of fears and phobias, lose weight, stop smoking, improve brainpower, and much more. So, quite different to what you first thought about hypnosis, huh? Here are some of the most common myths surrounding hypnosis, and the truth behind them. 

Anyway, back to this article. A study done by the American Health Magazine found hypnosis to be more effective (93% success rate after just 6 sessions) than other forms of self-change such as behavior therapy (73% after 22 sessions) and psychoanalysis (38% after 600 sessions).


More About Hypnosis And Hypnosis Live

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy is a scientifically proven method of self-change used by millions of people. Hypnosis has nothing to do with stage hypnotism. Stage hypnotism is simply a performance designed to entertain, while real hypnosis is a potent and accessible tool for dealing with psychological and behavioral problems. It is a state in which the subject is able to relax and welcome suggestions – either during hypnotherapy from a qualified therapist, or through self-hypnosis material. This relaxed state is known as a hypnotic trance and makes you more open to suggestions than you would be under normal circumstances.

Ellen DeGeneres famously kicked the smoking habit when British hypnotist Paul McKenna hypnotized her, and British pop star Lily Allen confessed in an interview that hypnosis helped her drop four dress sizes. The list of people past and present who turned to hypnosis to help them develop positive habits, overcome limitations or iron out personal problems includes Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Kevin Costner, Orlando Bloom, Mozart, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Jack Nicklaus, Jackie Kennedy and David Beckham.

All Hypnosis Live sessions were written and recorded by Julie-Ann Amos, a highly-qualified hypnotherapist and master NLP practitioner. She specializes in conversational hypnosis, and is also a successful author on many self-help topics. The sessions were recorded as MP3 audios, and use a combination of hypnosis and NLP (which stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for the most powerful impact.


All YOU need to do after purchasing is download the MP3 file, hit play, and follow the instructions from the MP3. That’s it.

Each session lasts about 40 minutes, and is incredibly powerful. The session begins by taking you down into a deep, relaxing state. Then, it reprograms your mind using a combination of affirmations, visualizations and special NLP follow-along exercises. The NLP methods subtly reprogram your thinking patterns while you follow simple visualization exercises, and are a perfect complement to hypnosis.

It is possible that you may experience a distortion in time, or FORGET the content of a particular session (happens to me quite often). There are a couple of possibilities here. The first one is that you are falling asleep while listening to the audio. However, it has been discovered by several research groups that our hearing is on 24/7 – taking in information constantly. It stays alert to protect us and our offspring. If a mother is asleep and hears her baby cry, she will awaken immediately. If someone breaks into your home while you are asleep, you will be alerted as soon as you hear a noise. So even if you fall asleep during the session, your brain is still recording all of the information in your subconscious mind.

The other possibility is that you are going so deeply into hypnosis that you are having an amnesic experience and simply not remembering the session, even though you are conscious throughout it. This is actually pretty common with really good hypnotic subjects. Harry Arons developed a six level scale of hypnotic depth, and he used to teach that the first three levels are memory retaining, but the last three levels are amnesic. One simple way to assess that would be to examine how the sessions end for you. Are you waking up when the recording ends? Or are you waking up hours later, having transitioned to sleep during the recording and then continued to sleep for long after the recording ends?

So don’t worry – this is all part of the normal hypnosis experience, and you will have gained precisely what you need from that particular session. 

And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home, and listen as many times as you like, at a fraction of the cost of a single session with a qualified hypnotherapist.


Over 200 Self Hypnosis MP3 Audios

Each hypnosis session MP3 costs $22.95, but there’s a huge discount if you purchase multiple MP3s in one order (more on that below). There are no further payments after you’ve bought the session. If you’re unhappy with the results you get, just let Hypnosis Live know within 14 days, and they’ll refund everything you paid. It’s as simple as that. You can download your hypnosis session MP3s as soon as your order is complete.


The Hypnosis Live online store has sessions for:

1) Mental Skills – Photographic Memory Power, Whole Brain Thinking, etc.
2) Mindset – Let Go of Limiting Beliefs, Get Motivated and End Procrastination, etc.
3) Emotions – Stop Being Insecure, Dissolve Anger, etc.
4) Fear, Worry, Anxiety – Eliminate Stress, Fear of Success, etc.
5) Health – Great Night’s Sleep Every Night, Improved Vision, etc.
6) Self Growth – Find Your Life Purpose, Increase Your Intuition, etc.
7) Personal Improvement – Millionaire Mindset, Get That Job!, Dating Success, etc.
8) Body Improvement – Think Yourself Slim, Improve Your Posture, etc.
9) Sexuality – Stop Premature Ejaculation, Experience Multiple Orgasms, etc.

I recommend that you get a hypnosis bundle. A bundle contains 4 hypnosis session MP3s, all relating to the same subject matter – and is priced at $32.95.

There are 29 bundles altogether, and some eye-catching titles include The Multi-Millionaire Hypnosis Bundle, The Law of Attraction Hypnosis Bundle (Law of Attraction Hypnosis + Attitude of Gratitude + Visualization Success + Positive Thinking), The Entrepreneur’s Business Hypnosis Bundle, Look Great with Hypnosis Bundle (Think Yourself Slim + Exercise Motivator + Virtual Gastric Band + Hypnotic Face Lift), The #1 Salesperson Hypnosis Bundle, and Power Student Hypnosis Bundle.

Last but not least, don’t forget to use the 10% discount voucher code (from me!). You should see it at the top of the Hypnosis Live homepage. Just enter the eight digit/letter code during your checkout. (P.S. You must give your name and email and get your free gift from Hypnosis Live before receiving the discount code from me. It is insisted upon:))

Use Hypnosis To Change Your Life


In conclusion, hypnosis is an incredibly powerful tool for improving almost any area of your life. It can install positive and empowering beliefs and thought patterns into your mind, changing how you act and feel about yourself. It has been and is used in medical applications, as well as to improve confidence, let go of fears and phobias, lose weight, become RICH, improve brainpower – even become better in business. Hypnosis CAN help you change almost any area of your life.

Join me in using hypnosis!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this review (please share if you do!), and if you have any questions or comments about hypnosis or Hypnosis Live, please leave them in the comment box below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. See you around!

26 thoughts on “Hypnosis Live – The Best Way to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind!”

  1. The first time I listened to a hypnosis clip on YouTube, my reaction was like, this is not what it’s like on TV and movies. I think those dramas and movies gave hypnosis a false perception. I was totally aware of the whole session and when it was finished, I felt so much relaxed. What I didn’t know till reading your post is that hypnosis can be used to change the programming of the subconscious mind. This is interesting. Because what we have learned and conditioned over the years are so difficult to remove.

  2. Wow this is really crazy stuff! The thought of this is a bit scary but if it has helped so many others I would love to give it a try, especially in the kicking bad habits part to shed some lbs!

  3. Hi Clark,

    Well you listed all the benefits spot on, and explained why and how it works very well!
    I read Paul McKenna’s book ‘Instant Confidence’ and along with the book came his hypnosis CD. So I did try it maybe 5 years ago. It does work :). So I do recommend hypnosis to everyone to try and you listed quite a good MP3 option and the bundle sounds good.

    • I’m so glad hypnosis has helped to improve your life. Well, don’t stop there :). Sample the free audios, and if you think they work (they do), then get more!

  4. Have never been referred by my GP to a hypnotherapy specialist so I cannot comment from my own experience. However after reading this very informative and well researched article I can see there are some very real benefits that people can receive from undergoing such treatment particularly for those wanting to rid themselves of bad habits such as smoking and drug dependancy

  5. Great review! It looks like a bunch of really useful products. Great price as well – not bad for a value like this! I will definitely check it out! I never used hypnosis but heard lots of good reviews so maybe it is time for me to check how it will work for me. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi,

    The mind is a powerful thing and I strongly believe that the medical industry should think more about using hypnosis and exercise rather than drugs.

    I’ve been hypnotized before and also done self-hypnosis which was awesome and made me feel 100 times better.

    • Hi there Steven,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with hypnosis. Hopefully it will help dispel some fears of this wonderful self-help tool.

  7. I used hypnosis to help me through the birth of my son, and I can tell you, it works! It’s amazing what hypnosis can do to your physical body. I’m currently using success and abundance hypnosis while I sleep. Your product sounds amazing and I have no doubt that it works! So much great info in your article regarding hypnosis. It’s time for people to lose their fear of it!

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience with hypnosis. I believe your story will encourage more people to TURBOCHARGE their lives with this self-improvement tool!

  8. Great product! Hypnotherapy really helps clear our minds from worries by going into our subconscious minds. Might consider this in the future and recommend your article to friends who are interested in hypnosis. Thank you!

  9. Hi Clark

    Sounds an interesting proposition. I listen to Paul McKenna and in the past have fallen asleep to his MP3, later on I realized that my brain has adopted the beliefs during the sleep period.

  10. Wow great site. That’s a really decent price for the bundle. I will definitely be looking into it. I have always been told that hypnosis is bad for you if it is done wrong and has really messed some people up. Do you have any experiences with that?

    • No, I’ve been listening to Hypnosis Live audios for more than a year now and have no problems whatsoever, only experienced some awesome changes!

  11. Wow! Great products that every entrepreneur should have. I love audio nowadays since I’m travelling most of the time. Gonna promote this to my friends. Thanks!


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