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Good day, folks! I’m Clark, today I just want to inform you of an Inspire3 free gifts page, where you could download powerful brain tools such as NLP Rapid Weight Loss MP3, Money Magnet Hypnosis MP3, Powerful Zen12 Meditation MP3, Brain Power Hypnosis MP3, plus others.

Try Losing Weight Through Mind Activity

If you want to lose weight, listen to the NLP Rapid Weight Loss MP3. Based on my experience with using Inspire3 products, you don’t need to do much. They have done most of the work for you, by doing their research and condensing all the magic into short MP3 audios that you just need to play and listen.

And for those of you who are not tech-savvy and worry about whether your laptop or tablet or phone is able to play the audios, let me assure you that nowadays there are so many in-built and downloadable software/app that there shouldn’t be any problem. Just give it a go, download the audio and hit play. Chances are the audio would start immediately without any further action required.

An important note regarding Inspire3 audios. Some are brainwave entrainment audios, some are not. I would recommend you read about what are brainwave entrainment audios and go through the list of circumstances in which you shouldn’t listen to them and abide by the warnings. To be on the safe side, I always try to listen to Inspire3 audios when I’m alone without the risk of anyone nearby listening in by accident. Better yet, I listen using headphones. Some of these gifts, such as the Mysterious Raikov Experiment Video and the Manifesting Movie, are obviously not brainwave entrainment audios so you can listen to them anywhere, anyhow.

Could Do With A Buck Or Two?

Then download the Wealth Reprogramming Hypnosis MP3. Or the Money Magnet Hypnosis MP3. Money is so important that you are getting TWO gifts to increase your wealth consciousness.

Or you could go general and listen to the Law of Attraction Magnetism MP3, or take The Ultimate Law of Attraction Quiz. As you know, the law of attraction governs our lives in so many ways, and if you could master aligning with the law of attraction in a positive manner, so that only the things, events and people that make you happy come into your life, then surely money won’t be a problem as well.

Other Gifts You Can Have Today

For those who wants to enjoy the benefits of meditation but are too busy to explore it yourselves, just listen to the Powerful Zen12 Meditation MP3.

Other gifts on offer include Brain Power Hypnosis MP3, Body Language Secrets Guide and Eradicate ANY Fear MP3. I hope you take full advantage of this offer right now, or forever hold your peace about the Universe not throwing you a bone, because you coming across this post today might be the Universe’s way of showing you the way to better life circumstances. Just let me know below if you have any questions, and have a good time improving aspects of your life!

Visit the Inspire3 Gifts Page.

6 thoughts on “Inspire3 Powerful Free Products”

  1. I have taken a look at the Inspire3 Powerful Free Products and I am very skeptical because to me it seems just a sales pitch giving you the illusion that everything is possible – but first you have to pay $149 which they say is heavily discounted already. I am sorry to say that but I have seen a lot of promises of this kind and I think the only person who gets wealthy in no time is the person selling these products!

    • Well, don’t forget about the money-back guarantee. But more importantly, did you go through all the free gifts? Yes, I think the Mysterious Raikov Experiment Video and Manifesting Movie are more like sales pitches, but if you check out the Powerful Zen12 Meditation MP3, you really download the actual audio without paying anything.

  2. What a great idea Clark. Every gift you have up is one that I am interested in. I can’t believe that you can get these for free. Everyone wants to lose weight or get more wealthy and I love to meditate. This is a real service that you are providing and I’m sure I’ll be using it soon.

    Thanks so much for letting me in on the secret.

    • I hope they help better your life in some way, and if I may, download them as soon as possible because every day you skip is a day without your better life.

  3. Hi Clark, interesting article on the free MP3s. Inspire3 has a great concept for those looking to improve. I personally love self-help media and will be checking this out. I normally read books so I am not accustomed to learning via audio. This will be a whole new experience for me. Thanks for the free downloads and information.

    • I hope you enjoy great benefits from these downloads, and feel free to share your experience with us on your listening experience, breakthroughs and anything else.


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