Is hypnosis a scam?

Hello everyone, this is Clark, your friendly neighborhood self-help friend. Hypnosis has been long used for medical applications and to re-pattern the way one thinks. But it doesn’t seem ‘normal’, maybe even a little bit freaky, though in some ways there has been a lot more acceptance with regards to these kinds of mumbo-jumbo since The Secret (which introduced law of attraction to the masses) came out. So, is hypnosis a scam? Of course not.

How Do You Hypnotize Someone?

Hypnosis involves relaxing your conscious mind (your conscious mind filters the information that reaches your subconscious while you are awake). Then, with your conscious mind relaxed and your subconscious (which just accepts whatever ideas you feed it) now accessible, the hypnotist rewires your brain by feeding it new thought patterns, new beliefs, that you’ve agreed to beforehand. That is the gist of it. The purpose of doing this is so that you begin to think differently. Positive thoughts begin flowing to you effortlessly.

Ever since people know about the law of attraction, people have been trying to think a better life into existence, because law of attraction states that thoughts become things. Hypnosis is a tool that can help you think better thoughts.

You may think “Money flows easily to me” but you don’t feel good when you said that (and that is a sign that it’s not going to work). That’s because your subconscious already has its own beliefs about money, and those beliefs go like this: “Money is hard to come by, my parents had to work hard for it, my grandparents had to work hard, my siblings are working hard every day just to make ends meet, maybe it’s my destiny to just live a mediocre life”. Beliefs that you have accumulated throughout your childhood up until now. How did you accumulate such beliefs?

By thinking a thought over and over again. Also, when you were young, your subconscious is wide open so whatever you observed, and whatever ideas well-meaning people fed you make up a huge part of your collective set of beliefs now. Now that your conscious mind is fully operational and stopping the new ideas you try to give it, hypnosis will sort of get it out of the way, so to speak, in order to rewire your thought patterns.

Has it been proven to work?

There have been many testimonials as to the effectiveness of hypnosis. Many celebrities have used hypnosis to help them with some area in their lives, and they claimed that it worked. I am not sure if this can be scientifically proven to work, just like I don’t know if the law of attraction can ever be proven. But if you can keep an open mind with regards to the law of attraction, you should be able to at least consider that hypnosis might be legit, because it is here to help you with the law.

So in conclusion, hypnosis is not a scam. If you believe in the law of attraction, if you believe that you can change your life through your thinking, then why wouldn’t you give hypnosis the benefit of the doubt? It helps you line up with the law of attraction in a way that is more advantageous to you. Instead of allowing your mind to keep thinking the same old thoughts over and over again, thereby attracting the same old things into your life, hypnosis helps you to think new, positive thoughts, and when you have different trains of thoughts in your mind all day every day your external circumstances cannot help but change to reflect your new way of thinking. That is it from me here, please do not hesitate to leave your questions and comments below, and I will see you in the next one!

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