Is Manifestation Miracle a Scam?

Product: Manifestation Miracle
Who is it for: Those who want to live their dreams in every possible way
Where to buy:
Price: $47
Guarantee: 60-day money back guarantee
Rating: 90 out of 100 (Highly recommended!)

Hey everyone, Clark here from Self Help Books. “Is Manifestation Miracle a scam?” is a question I get asked a LOT. I’m guessing that is caused by the kind of over-the-top introduction/promotional video for Manifestation Miracle by Heather Mathews, the author – that seem to indicate this course will transform your life instantly.


The secret to Manifesting

Some of the main points from the introduction video by Heather Mathews: 

To bring abundance into your life and start getting everything you’ve ever wanted, first and foremost you must give up on the idea that hard work, struggle and effort is the answer. This is of course pretty much the complete opposite of what our culture teaches us.

Filling in that one vital gap in the Law of Attraction – the secret behind The Secret – is the only way you can connect with the source of power and abundance in the Universe.

You have got to speak the language the Universe speaks – which is the language of energetic vibrations. You are communicating, in every moment, with the Universe in this language, whether you realize it or not. If life is not working out the way you want it to, you are not using the language properly.

If you have not seen the Manifestation Miracle introduction/promotional video, watch it for yourself here (take your 60-second personalized quiz before watching the video – you’ll find the results are surprisingly accurate).

Manifestation Miracle Program

I’ve got to admit – the promotional video gave me a slight “just another scam” feeling. But however, Heather Mathews is actually a well-known personal life coach in the self-development industry, and I found that this course has simple to understand yet deep transformational knowledge that inspires, and motivates you to take action and change your thinking.  


The main component of the course is the Manifestation Miracle Book – a step-by-step manual to start drawing in the success, abundance and joy you want.

When you finish each chapter in the Manifestation Miracle Book, watch the corresponding Chapter Recap Video. These videos feature Manifestation Miracle co-founder Mark Ling and team member Brooke Ryan. Mark and Brooke will expand on what you’ve learned in the chapter, and discuss background information, examples, and anything else that can help you along your journey.

The Manifestation Miracle Book comes with the Abundance Success Workbook – which is packed with short, fun and inspirational daily and weekly exercises that were designed to develop your manifestation abilities over the next 3 weeks.

The daily exercises were designed to create long-lasting habits to get you back in tune with your destiny. The daily exercises are the same for each day – it is the repetition and consistency of these exercises that count. They are not difficult to do – meanwhile, amazing things will be happening on the inside of you. One of the daily exercises is listening to a Manifestation Miracle Mindtrack (more on that below).

In addition to the four daily tasks, you will also have one weekly task. This is where the heavy lifting gets done..

So you will have ONE task to complete each week, and FOUR short exercises to complete each day. You can pick your own times, so it doesn’t matter when in the day you do the daily exercises, or what day of the week you do the weekly one as long as you do them. The main thing is not to get bogged down in knowing what to do but not actually doing it.

Manifestation Miracle Mindtracks

My favorite part of the program is that it comes with two audio tracks – one for attracting wealth and abundance and one for love and happiness. Each of these tracks sends powerful messages to your brain about your ability to accomplish your goals.  

To begin, the course asks you to focus on the wealth and abundance audio track. Listen with stereo headphones for just 3-7 minutes every day for at least 21 days (60-90 days is optimal). These MP3 tracks guide your subconscious mind into a deeply relaxed state – where it starts preparing your mind for abundance.


The more you listen to the wealth and abundance track, the more your mind will work to make them your reality. You will find that you naturally start attracting opportunities for wealth and abundance.

For optimal benefits, listen to this track each day until you have done this for a total of 60-90 days.

After that, you can switch to the love and happiness audio track, and start the same process with it. Meanwhile, your subconscious mind will continue to attract wealth and abundance into your life.


You can begin listening to the mindtracks right away after purchase. They will powerfully reprogram your subconscious mind for success.

The price of Manifestation Miracle is $47 (cheaper than the price of a cup of coffee per day for a month!), and your purchase is backed by a 60-day, no-questions-asked, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you implement what is in this course and find that you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, just contact for a FULL refund.

So if you are on the fence, I strongly recommend that you take the course for a test drive. You won’t be bearing any financial risk whatsoever.

Your Life Won’t Transform In Minutes, But It Could In A Matter Of Weeks

The only catch is that you need to discipline yourself into reading the book, and doing the exercises every day. This program is not for you if you expect magical results in a day or two. If you follow through on the book and exercises – and listen to the highly effective mindtracks – you could begin attracting health, wealth, freedom, joy, and life-changing, non-stop abundance in a matter of weeks.

Start manifesting the way you’d always known you could. Get what you really want in all areas of life.

That is all from me today. If you have enjoyed or found this review to be useful, do share it with others! And if you have any questions or comments in regards to this program just let me know in the comment box below and I WILL get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks a lot for reading!

10 thoughts on “Is Manifestation Miracle a Scam?”

  1. It seems that Manifestation Miracle has a great deal to offer. It is broken up into categories that make it easier to digest instead of one long read or video to watch. A person can break their time down into smaller segments to assimilate the information provided. This helps with understanding. Once you have completed a segment and understand what is there you can move onto the next segment. If you do not understand then you can go back and review for better understanding.

    It is important to understand that change does not come overnight. Manifestation Miracle makes that clear that change takes time. You have to want to change and Manifestation Miracle helps you make those changes. The price for the book and the videos is reasonable for what is offered.


    • Jerry, thank you for your endorsement of Manifestation Miracle. I have bought it myself and do not regret my decision.

      Sometimes we may need to go through a few courses, see a few perspectives, before we can ‘get it’. Some courses made me progress a little, others a lot. I realized that if I hadn’t gone through those courses that helped me to progress a little, I may not have come to the courses that helped me to progress a lot.

  2. I recently bought a great product called Manifestation Magic, and I thought this was the same product when I opened up this article. I really enjoy my product as it has a book and then audio that you can listen to to improve different areas of your life.

    I wonder if Manifestation Miracle will be a nice complement to the one above, just for a change? I really enjoy the audio side of the program.

    • I believe you can always find some added value from anything I recommend on my site ;). It’s not a huge amount to pay, and when I learn and practice self-help I don’t just use one source. So go ahead.

  3. I love these books and programs! Never heard of this one and so surprised that for what you get the price is very reasonable. I’ve read The Secret and other “tap into the universe” books and I really enjoyed them. This program actually has you put the work in by providing worksheets and meditations, which is something a book falls short of. Thanks for enlightening me to this program and will check it out!

  4. Hi Clark

    This has certainly got me intrigued. I have always stayed clear of those “we can change your life” books in the past as they usually go on about how to be a better salesperson… I don’t want to be a salesperson! Manifestation Miracle however sounds like it could be very different and I see from your comment it has helped you. Is it available in the UK?

  5. Hi Clark,

    I am one of those people who have been on the fence trying to decide whether or not to purchase Manifestation Miracle and this post has definitely made me decide to do so.

    I am also glad that you have broken down the sections that make up the course as this is what I was a bit unsure about. It really does seem like a lot of good information for one low price.

    How long has it taken for you to see changes in your life? Also what kind of changes have you seen?

    Thanks for this review.

    Love and light.


    • One thing this program has taught me is to rely on my intuition – I have been facing a few problems in my life recently and my intuition has been helping me to take the next step whenever I am stuck.

      This program has also helped me become a more grateful person.

      Listening to the wealth and abundance mindtrack has also worked out for me, though I understand that it is (extremely) difficult to prove. Since I am working overseas, the foreign exchange rate is a big deal to me, and for the past few months it had been moving in my favour, by almost 30%. Effectively that means my salary has increased that much.


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