Is Neale Donald Walsch a Fraud?

Hey everyone, this is Clark of Self Help Books. Neale is the author of the Conversations with God series, What God Said and other books on spirituality and its practical application in life.

Recently, though, I’ve been asked: Is Neale Donald Walsch a fraud?

Rather than give you my opinion right away, let’s first read what some people are saying, then I’ll give you my take on Neale based on my experience attending his online seminars.  

Comments from Some Websites

Neale claimed that more than 20 years ago, he was feeling suicidal over his finances, unstable health and a broken love affair. Suddenly, he heard a voice behind him: “Neale, do you really want answers to all these questions, or are you just venting?” He identified the voice as God’s.

Out of this alleged encounter, came Conversations with God, which has sold more than 7 million copies.

According to Christian Courier, “People have gone nuts over this theological quack, paying up to $725 a whack to hear him speak. In these sessions, he recounts these illusional conversations with the Lord. Surely this must be the Age of Gullibility. Folks are so desperate to believe something, they will believe anything! Walsch’s ‘theology’ certainly is not from the real God. It is as wild as anything imaginable. It is blasphemous, contradictory, and downright absurd.”

The website Spirituality is No Excuse gave the comment “Fans of Neale Donald Walsch are universally under the impression that his bestseller Conversations with God is about finding a God within. It’s not. That’s just the window dressing (along with the sign on the wall saying this is not a shop front and you are not to think of yourself as a customer). In fact, Walsch is pulling a textbook New Age scam which uses all the classical manipulative techniques and exploitive financial structures that all the other New Age scams use.” also doesn’t think well of Walsch: “Charlatans have been passing themselves off as official spokesman for the Almighty for thousands of years, but Neale Donald Walsch set record marks for chutzpah – and, book sales, of course – with his Conversations with God. God had a message that only Walsch could hear and He was gracious enough to allow the author to either tape record him or quote him from memory.

I think it’s safe to say that Neale Donald Walsch is not universally believed in.

But Listening to Neale’s Online Seminars, My Impression is good

The two main things I learnt from Neale’s online seminars: Be the source, and see the perfection.

Be the source: We were born in a state of completeness and perfection. Our purpose here is not to somehow become more than we are. We are not here to acquire anything, but to give.

Whatever you wish to experience more of in your life, simply demonstrate that you already have that in abundance. Consider whether there is anybody around you who also wanted more of what you want, who could even have less of it than you do. Then give to them, as best as you could, whatever you wish to experience in your own life.

When your purpose is to give something to others, the Universe supplies you with an unlimited amount of it, because it knows now there are a lot of people out there who are depending on you to be its source.

See the perfection: Everything is perfect just the way it is, in every moment. Be grateful for every condition and circumstance in life, no matter how imperfect you imagine it to be. And turn your frustrations into a celebration of all you are learning and experiencing.

Here’s one of Neale’s Free Talks. Decide for Yourself Whether He’s a Quack!

Here’s one of Neale’s seminars, and it’s completely free: Activating Your Soul’s Code

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4 thoughts on “Is Neale Donald Walsch a Fraud?”

  1. Hi Clark
    It’s worth saying now that Insiders who know Neale Donald Walsch have had some stuff circulating online from an investigator to prove he didn’t talk to God. I was made aware of this recently.
    His work is very spiritual but it is his work as opposed to a God. In my research he since appears to have rebranded his work as “conversations with Neale”
    His work is impressive but it wasn’t divine but could be seen as divine opinions of his.
    Maybe worth looking into.

    • Hello. I have not seen or heard any news that confirms your claim. As you can see from my article, there are many negative opinions on Neale on the Internet. I can’t confirm that he really did talk to God, but as I said in my article my impression whenever I listen to him is really good. There are people who praise his course as well. Hope that helps, and if you want to discuss this further please feel free to reply.

  2. I have no doubt whatsoever that he has received those communications from God. What NDW writes in his first several books is indeed how She thinks. I recognize Her from my own communication and dealings with Her. If you don’t recognize Her shining through his first 5 books, it is because you have not had the experience; you do not know Her personally.

    • I’m glad you’re focused on connecting with God/Source. Keep it up and I hope you’re experiencing ‘heaven on earth’. Feel free to discuss NDW’s ideas with me here.


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