Love Series #2 – What is a Twin Flames’ Connection?

Good morning, boys and girls. My name is Clark, and this is the second part of my “Love Series” sharing my take on love, soulmates, and relationships in general. Our topic of discussion today will be: what is a twin flames’ connection? As always, I will first share my two cents with you, and then you may leave any questions or comments you have at the bottom of the page. (By the way, here’s part 1 if you missed it)

What is Twin Flames?

Some people think of soulmates when they hear twin flames, but that’s not entirely accurate. The term “twin flames” is coined to mean two people who share the same soul but were split into different bodies. It is claimed that twin flames make soulmates feel like casual acquaintances by comparison, and that you will probably have many soulmates in your lifetime but only one twin flame.

Are Twin Flames physically attracted to each other?


When twin flames meet for the first time, a connection is formed between them though it might not be strongly felt at that particular moment.

If they separate and one is halfway across the world, their souls would yearn to see each other again. They go to sleep, and wake up thinking of their other half. Their dreams are haunted by their twin. Whether or not they are with other partners, they would feel drawn to leave everything just to be with their other half.

When they meet again, the attraction to one another would begin on all levels. Spiritual, physical, emotional and mental. This attraction becomes more and more irresistible with time until all they want to do is to be with each other.

Can Twin Flames be together?

Of course, although some say that a twin flame relationship could be toxic! A twin flames’ connection is intense, blissful, emotional, and when something goes wrong the pain can be unbearable, perhaps worse than the end of the world. If you ever feel that your relationship with your twin has taken a turn for the worse, maybe it’s time to take a step back and let each other cool off for a while. Once both of you have calmed down, you would be able to think with more clarity. Be comforted by the fact that by being twin flames, your connection is one that will last until the end of both your lives.

What is the purpose of Twin Flames?

Your twin flame brings meaning and true happiness into your life. Twin flames help each other heal wounds from the past, and give each other motivation to fulfill his or her maximum potential. You would start to appreciate the small wonders of life. Nothing will shake your joy, because the reason for it is just next to you.

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I’ll be using the term soulmates and not twin flames for the rest of this series, but rest assured that what I am going to share with you can be applicable to both. The way I see it, a twin flame is a much more intense version of soulmate.

Alright then, I can’t wait to share the next part with you! If you’ve enjoyed this part of the series and think that it is worthy, then please in turn share it with your friends and loved ones. And, if you have any questions or comments just leave them below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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4 thoughts on “Love Series #2 – What is a Twin Flames’ Connection?”

  1. I agree with your former readers, I love articles on love and relationships too. I believe ( from experience ) that twin flames relations can be toxic or painful at the least and may lean toward manipulation sometimes. The desire and need to be together regardless of what it takes can be utmost painful.

    Only when nothing stands in the way can this be a nice relationship.

    • I beg to differ. I believe that a twin flame relationship is just amplified many-fold. So if things are not going well at the moment, then it would be much amplified in a twin flame relationship. Sort of a high risk, high reward situation.

      Thus, the other side of the coin is incredible connection, in spirit, mind and body. So it’s up to the twin flames to allow things to be amazing and wonderful between them, always. If both are spiritually in-tuned and spend most of their time maintaining a high vibration the relationship is going to be MEGA.

      But that is my two cents. Thank you for sharing yours!

  2. Nice article you’ve got here. Personally I like topics that have to do with love and relationships. I can’t say I have met my twin flame yet but I am also scared to meet my twin flame if I have one because despite how blissful relationships like that are they often get toxic with time and that’s like my greatest fear. 

    • I won’t advice you to move in one direction or the other, because there is no right or wrong here. Everyone is on their unique path in life. A couple of years ago I think that would have been my point of view also, but now I’m kind of ready for anything really. So bring on the crazy, mind-blowing, reality-altering twin flame experience!

      Don’t mind me, lately I feel in the mood for something different. And the more intense the better, haha. Thanks for sharing, and please feel free to read the rest of this series!


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