Love Series #5 – Love and Relationships Advice

Good day everybody, and welcome back to my website! This will be the fifth and last (at least for now) part of my “Love Series”. I won’t rule out doing more parts for this series in the future, but for now this would be the final installment, at least until I have some more to say about love, soulmates and relationships. Our topic for this final part is: Love and Relationships Advice.

This part is a bit of a continuation of part 4, where I talked about how we can make our relationship with our soulmate work. I’ll also give you a process that you can start to do today in the comfort of your own home to attract your soulmate, so this is a more general post where I share some additional tips on love and relationships.

More about the law of attraction

The better we feel, the more easily we can attract to us all the things that we want. This would be one of the simplest ways to describe the law of attraction. This is true in every area of our lives, including relationships, health, wealth, happiness, peace and fulfillment. This is because law of attraction is like gravity, it is working all the time whether we want it to or not, which is why it’s called a law instead of a theory or a hypothesis.

Applying this concept to love and relationships, if you could be a happy, positive person, you would draw in potential mates who share your way of thinking. You would attract higher-quality partners. The way you think affect the way you feel. You can tell how positive your thoughts are by the way you feel. Taking this further still, if you could be happy in your current relationship and choose to focus or look for the good in it, what is wrong or perceived to be wrong with your relationship will either start to improve, or you will meet somebody else who is a much better match for you.

Practical actions you can take

Now that you are aware (and hopefully accept) that your thoughts have the power to shape your reality and circumstances, the first thing to do is as you go about your day, try to catch yourself in the middle of thinking a negative thought about your love life, then use your willpower in the next few minutes to think (or imagine) something positive.

For example, you caught yourself thinking about spending your old days alone. The simplest option might be to imagine the opposite, imagine your soulmate in your arms spending a lazy morning in bed. Spend some time with your imagination – how do you feel as you look upon his/her closed eyes and mouth in a contented smile, holding him/her in your arms? If you find it hard to switch your thought from negative to positive, first switch your thought to something, anything, that makes you happy, then think or imagine something positive about your love life.

Obviously, if you have been having negative thoughts about something for a while it is not easy to change your habit. This is where you can put aside maybe 30 minutes each day just closing your eyes, relaxing and meditating. During this time, don’t think about how you can get a lover, or how you can make things better with him/her. This is the time for you to just let things be and enjoy the feelings of calm followed by happiness and peace that fill you. Meditation is very effective in raising your effectiveness with the law of attraction. Once you are done with this, go back to thinking positive thoughts the rest of your day.

Ultimately this is about you getting your head and emotions right rather than trying to change the other person, which is just as well because changing another person is just so hard to do. Changing yourself is already hard enough.

A Process to Bring Your Soulmate to You

This is a variation of a process that I learned from The Soulmate Secret by Arielle Ford. You can vary it to suit your personal circumstances. Just know that what matters is the essence of the process, and not following each step mechanically.

Pick a quiet and comfortable place where you can close your eyes, relax and let go of the stresses of the day. Allow the world to fade away…

Now start by imagining your front porch, and there is a vehicle parked there. This is the car belonging to your ex. Take note of any negative feelings that arise as you look at it. What did you believe about yourself that led to you tolerating the buildup of these negative feelings for so long when you were with your ex? Was it that you think you were unlovable? Did you think that there wouldn’t be better partners out there? Accept that you may still be carrying these beliefs with you even today.

Suddenly, you notice a tow truck driving up to the front of your house. Out comes the driver, who lowers a big hook onto the bumper of your ex’s car. Watch as the tow truck drives away and pulls your ex’s car with it. As the car is being pulled away, imagine, or better yet, know that all the negativity of your past relationship is being pulled away at the same time, including all of your negative beliefs about love.

You now notice that the front porch of your house is stained with grease, oil and dirt everywhere. Put four candles at the four corners of your front porch, one at each corner, and then light them. Once you have done that, you notice a cleaning crew van pulling up in front of your house. The cleaning crew comes out of the van and starts cleaning your dirty front porch. You watch as the crew makes it more inviting for your soulmate to come…

As you return each day, your front porch becomes a little bit cleaner. Add plants and flowers in your front porch, and know that you are rolling out a cosmic welcome mat for your love.

That’s Part 5!

That’s it for the fifth and final (for now) part of my “Love Series”. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and may I request that you kindly share it with your family and friends, in your social media pages or anywhere else! If you have any questions or comments at all, please don’t hesitate to leave them below and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks a lot for your support for this series!

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