Love Series #7 – Twin Flame Reunion Signs

A very good day, my friend, and welcome back! This is the seventh part of my “Love Series”, and in this part we will take a look at twin flame reunion signs. In Love Series #2, I introduced you to the concept of twin flames. Twin flames are said to be two people who share the same soul but were split into different bodies. Here on this page we will be looking at the (obviously non-scientifically proven) signs that occur when your soul is about to reunite with its other half.

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When you feel a subtle excitement (or bliss) in you for apparently no reason at all, it could be a sign that you are about to reunite with your flame. Obviously it could also mean something else (that is wonderful) is about to happen, but few events in life are as exciting as reuniting with your twin flame, do you agree??

You might not be able to understand the cause of your good feelings through mind reasoning. However, your soul is able to sense that a physical reunion with your twin is close at hand. Your soul can also do many other things that the physical you cannot comprehend, that science has not managed to go into yet.

Usually when you get such great feelings, your vibration (energy) is at a very high level. So the purpose of me telling you about this sign is so that you’ll keep yourself vibrating at this high level through thoughts or acts of gratitude and appreciation. If you find your vibration falling and you’ll know when that happens because you’ll feel less good, meditate, therefore you stop thought and your vibration then rises.

By maintaining your vibration at a very high level you may find yourself in the arms of your twin flame before long. But please don’t become anxious about when you’re going to meet, or worried that you’ll miss her/him, because that will bring your vibration down and then it might be a longer time before you reunite.

SIGN #2: 11:11

It is claimed that the number 11 is very much associated with twin flames, that its appearance means “the connecting energy of two twin flames coming together is emerging”. Therefore, repeated sightings of 11:11 (two 11s together, for instance the time 11:11) is said to be a very strong sign that your twin is about to come into your life very soon.


You might dream about your twin flame, even interact with him/her in it. And you’ll get plenty of nudges from your soul to be somewhere or to do something. It’s the soul’s way of making you two ‘bump’ into one another. Always look out for your safety, so please don’t go to unsafe places or put yourself in an unsafe situation. You should be at a high vibration when you get these nudges. That’s how you know they are real.

However, you know that you can deliberately practice to be at a positive/high vibration. As you practice a positive vibration all the time it will become easier and faster to receive and recognize these nudges.

Keep It to Yourself

It is advisable to keep these signs to yourself, simply because other people’s jealousy, doubt and skepticism have negative energy and it can interfere with and negatively impact your reunion. So just keep mum and savor the waiting.

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