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Hello readers, how are you? I’m Clark, and for those of you who don’t know me, I am the founder cum author for this website, I know this topic, manifest anything instantly, sounds too good to be true. Some of you might think, clickbait! But bear with me and I shall explain EVERYTHING.

How Can You Achieve Instant Manifestation?

Since the reason you want to manifest something is because you want to feel happy, if you can feel happy and satisfied now, that means you’ve achieved what you wanted, correct? See, I told you this wasn’t clickbait! One more thing, having the emotions of already having it now brings the physical manifestation to you as well!

So if we’re trying to manifest an emotion, it is something that can be achieved instantly, or almost instantly. Emotions are the consequence of the thoughts we think. So if we can start to think better-feeling thoughts then we can improve our emotions.

What are better-feeling thoughts anyway? Well, they are ‘good’ (or ‘better’), ‘positive’ thoughts. If you feel excited about something you’re doing because deep down in your heart you know it is going to be a success, you’re having a good-feeling thought (or a train of good-feeling thoughts).

Relax and Meditate

When we are already in the midst of a train of thoughts, for example you’re thinking about how you don’t like something that somebody has done to you, it is difficult to stop it and change direction. Momentum is very important when it comes to thinking and thus feeling. If you find yourself feeling at peace, calm, a sense of optimism, perhaps satisfaction, and so on, be still for a moment, and enjoy those feelings. Doing that keeps the momentum going in that direction. You don’t need to analyze how you got to feeling good. In fact, it’s better that you just stay in the moment and enjoy it to the fullest.

If you’re not feeling so good, something that could help you is the act of relaxing and/or meditating. That immediately draws some of the power and momentum away from whatever you’re thinking. When you meditate, you stop thought. When you stop thought, you gravitate towards your natural state which is inner peace, love and bliss.

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Immerse Yourself in the Imaginary Realm

Suspend your disbelief for a moment and imagine a scenario in which you already have what you want. You may want to set aside some time for doing this. Morning would be a good time because that’s when you feel fresh and good thoughts are easier to come by.

So live out your fantasy in your mind. There are no limits in the imaginary realm. The more you immerse yourself in the experience, the better you’ll feel. But make sure you’re imagining something you really want! How you’re feeling would give you feedback on whether what you’re thinking about is something that you really want.

Say you’re imagining yourself playing a sport and having a real fun time while at it. You’re playing well today! After the match you find yourself sitting next to a cute girl. She introduces herself and you guys start a conversation. You told her you’ve seen her a few times around these parts before. And on and on and on and on… As you get this going, you’ll find more and more like thoughts coming to you, until your imagination has taken you over! It’s important to be relaxed and feeling good while you’re doing this. If you manage not to tense up, you’re going to find good thoughts flowing to you easily. If at any point of the imagination you find yourself feeling stuck and/or not-so-good, just relax and stay where you are for a little while. Wait for your story to pick up speed once more.

Make Manifesting Emotions Your Goal

If you could just turn your attention away from the physical manifestations and concentrate wholly on manifesting what you want to feel from having the physical manifestations, the physical manifestations will come sooner rather than later. That’s the irony or the paradox but also the beauty of it. Make emotional manifestations your end goal and you may well find that you don’t need the physical manifestations anymore. And then they come. OK? Now before we part ways, please do not hesitate to let me know your questions and/or comments below. Read my other FREE Guided Meditation Scripts. Till the next time. Thanks a lot!

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