Manifesting Money Meditation

Hello all my loyal readers, how have you been? Clark here, the founder and author for this website. Today I invite you to join me as I take you on a manifesting money meditation journey. Wealth is the biggest concern in life for most human beings and I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that.

You must have seen or read about a variety of rich people; all of them are seemingly very diverse and different from one another. What causes them to have so much money, and most of the time seemingly without much effort, whereas others struggle without much of a payoff? The common factor is said to be this: these people have the money consciousness. They expect to have abundance, and the Universe provides.

Mental Preparation

The best time to think yourself rich is always now. I used to always put off doing something that I’m not familiar with, still do sometimes. You don’t have to wait to start your meditation session before thinking thoughts of wealth. As you’re preparing to go to your room, or the place you’ve designated to do your money meditation session, imagine yourself awash with money and let the pleasing feelings wash over you. And by the way, technically speaking this is not really meditation. Meditation is where you stop thought, whereas here you are going to specifically focus on wealthy thoughts and see where they lead you. However, the term meditation has been used to describe this kind of activity on YouTube and just about everywhere else online. Anyway, it is just a term and we don’t have to get too hung up on this.

Once you have ensured that you have given yourself enough time to enjoy this, and settled on a place, take a few moments to just relax yourself and watch your thoughts. Stop becoming emotionally involved with any thought and just be the observer. If thoughts of a problem you’re currently facing surface, let go of your need to become hot and bothered, anxious and nervous. Just watch and let them subside by themselves. You’ve set aside this time for enjoying yourself so just do that.

Experience the Use of Money

Bring your attention to something that you wanted manifest for a long time. Maybe you would like to take your family to travel the world without any worries financially. Maybe you would like to see an F1 race in Italy or Abu Dhabi. It is advisable to think about what you want to experience, because ultimately money is paper. Flow is a word that is always associated with wealth. You might be asking the Universe for 10 million dollars, but perhaps you only have use for 1 million. One house including the necessary renovation: maybe $700-800k, one car: about $100k, furniture: $50k, miscellaneous: another $50k. Why on earth do you need $10m for? Money needs to flow.

But that is not to say you can’t imagine having a big amount of money in your bank account. Because really there is no right way of doing this. If it makes you happy, if it gets your juices flowing, do it. So playing the role of yourself in your story you’re in your pajamas waking up one morning. Then suddenly on this particular morning you remembered that years ago you asked for X amount of dollars from the Universe. Due to your currently busy yet very fulfilling lifestyle you achieved that amount in your bank account some time ago but did not realize it! Until now!! The law of attraction really works!! Whatever you want, the Universe provides!! Really get into it. Oh, what a wonderful and carefree feeling it is to find that you’ve just inherited a lot of money from a relative you didn’t even know you have! Money comes easily and effortlessly to me!!

Back to the travel example, you’re sitting on a plane bound for Italy. You’re sitting next to a mother and her daughter. The daughter is very small, maybe three to four years old. You ‘caught’ her looking at you with her big inquisitive eyes, and she gives you a shy and mischievous smile. And that’s just on the plane! There are countless scenarios you can imagine that will bring pleasure to you.

You can see that there is no money involved; instead I just focus on the experience. Because rich people don’t worry about money.

What Are Your Favorite Activities?

I love massages. I simply enjoy them more than anything else. If you find that you’re stuck, start with something small, or imagine doing something you enjoy very much. Instinctively, what would you love to do right now? Maybe it’s hiking, or cycling, or watching a heart-pounding movie, or reading a good book that gives you chills all over.

In my case, massage is my go-to good-feeling thought. I imagine myself lying down on the massage bed feeling relaxed and anticipating. Enter two massage ladies. They make sure that I’m comfortable, then proceed to do their thing. Good Lord, that feels so good! One pair of hands is working on my shoulders and upper back. The other is massaging my lower back. The two pairs of hands working together with such harmony and synchronicity; it’s making my brain shut down completely and forget where I am! My eyes watering at the unreal, pleasurable sensations that just wouldn’t stop! I’ve booked for three full hours, and the massage has just begun!! There is still a long way to go; I’m going to die of pleasure!! So as you well know, massages cost money, but there I was enjoying myself without having to worry about money at all. Because I’ve got it covered. I could afford this whenever.

No Reason to Be Stuck!

Everyone has an imagination that they could use at any time. And the more you use it, the more active it becomes! You’ll find that as you just relax and immerse yourself in and enjoy your manifesting money meditation, your mind or something beyond your mind starts to play along by giving you more and more ideas! I hope you’ve found this useful. Feel free to let me know your questions and comments below (if any). Don’t forget to subscribe to my emails, and visit my FREE Guided Meditation Scripts page for more content such as this. So till the next time, thanks a lot!

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