Meditate and Manifest

You have heard of meditation being able to help you become more relaxed, get a good night’s sleep, maybe even improve your memory, along with other health and brain-related benefits. But what about manifesting something? That’s not so well known, isn’t it? Stick with me as we explore whether it is really possible to meditate and manifest something as a result of that.

You Already Know What You Want

So the idea is that you already know what you want from your living of life. For instance, you saw a brochure that shows how beautiful Japan is, what fun to be had in the theme parks there, how friendly the people are, and the food. But you are short of money for the time being. So even if you don’t say it, your soul knows that you would be ecstatic if you could somehow get a lump sum of money to go there, or if you win an all-expenses paid trip to Tokyo, perhaps.

Thus, a desire is born within you, whether you verbalize it or not. Whether you consciously think it or not. It is said that whenever we ask for something, it is given. Because we are divine, and divinity is lack of nothing. We came from the same source, and we are going to return there when we die.

But what is stopping your desires manifesting is your beliefs about getting the things that you want. A belief comes from thinking a thought over and over again. For instance, years of living at a certain level of wealth made you believe that you are destined to have that level of wealth for the rest of your life. And what do these beliefs do to you? They keep you thinking the same thoughts over and over again. The same thoughts of lack, of hardship, of scarcity, etc.

The Role Of Meditation

The aim of meditation is to stop thought. Plain and simple. By stopping thought, our beliefs about everything – wealth, health, relationships, etc. are suspended.

Stop thought and we allow space for elements of the divine to enter our consciousness, to enter us. But we are also divine so in effect we are allowing more of ourselves into this physical body. The divine, who is also us, guides us in thoughts and actions towards all the things we have wished for, whether we are consciously aware of them or not. We have lived so much life, asked for so much, that it is almost impossible to know what we have asked for, until it happened.

But for sure, it will be something that pleases us, because the divine knows what we truly want, what would make us truly joyful.

How do we know when we are connected with this source of perfection? The more positive we feel, the stronger our connection with the divine. When we experience connection with the divine, there can only be joy, peace, love, gratitude, knowing, etc.

Do you know why we are more relaxed, we can sleep better, we seem to have better memory when we meditate? My guess is that when we are connected to this divine entity, when we are accessing the power of the entire universe, there can be no room for fatigue surely, no room for illness, no room for anything other than perfection.

Meditate and Manifest!

I shall take my leave here, but I hope you’ve gotten some sort of inspiration from this post. If you have any questions or comments do leave them below. I am ever ready to discuss anything self-help with you. Thank you for coming, and I’ll see you around!

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