Great Quotes from Famous WOMEN through the ages

Hello there, Clark here. I’m taking a (very) short break from appreciating Rumi’s quotes, but my appreciation of profound, wonderful sayings continues! Below we look at some great quotes from famous women over the centuries. In olden days, women’s words have been largely ignored, even though many of them were wise and understood the ways … Read more

Two Wonderful Rumi Quotes on LIFE

Hello there, Clark here. Continuing on from my previous Rumi article: The Divine Wisdom of Rumi, here are two MORE wonderful, absolutely wonderful, Rumi quotes on life. When I wrote my first Rumi article, I didn’t know that this would become a series of articles. But his quotes are so deep that I have to … Read more

The Divine Wisdom of Rumi – I just can’t get enough!

Hi there, Clark here. Today we’ll be appreciating more of the wisdom of Rumi, because his quotes are just so profound and ahead of his time. Remember, he was living in the 13th century as you may have read in 3 Most Profound Rumi Quotes and Sayings. That’s long before the existence of internet or … Read more

The wisdom of the heart

Hi there, how are you all doing? Clark here, the author for this site. Below, we are going to discuss what is the wisdom of the heart. Listen to your heart. What is your heart telling you? Follow your heart. These are just some of the phrases I hear a lot and here I would … Read more

3 Most Profound Rumi Quotes and Sayings

Hello there, I’m Clark. Rumi was a 13th century Persian poet and Islamic scholar. Some of his quotes I can listen to many times and still feel inspired each time. Sometimes a new and profound meaning comes to me when I hear it for the tenth time. Below I want to dissect and more importantly … Read more

How to stop being shy

What’s up, folks? Welcome (back???) to my site, and I love it that you visit. Obviously, you want to know how to stop being shy if you’re on this page, and rest assured below I will share with you everything I know about it. Everyone Is On Their Own Journey The first thing to know … Read more