Psalm Isadora’s Death – A remembrance

Hey what’s up everyone, this is Clark here. I am dedicating this article to the late Psalm Isadora, who sadly passed away in March 2017 at the age of 41. Isadora is a tantra, sex and relationship expert who had a huge following prior to her untimely death. Needless to say, Psalm Isadora’s death came as a shock to many of her fans.

Officially Ruled a Suicide, but…

Isadora’s death has been officially ruled a suicide, but investigations into the state of affairs leading up to it are still ongoing.

A radiant beauty, some people are not aware of her dark past, in which she had to escape the Christian cult that she was born into, and the father who she said molested her. She then went on a dangerous drug and sex-fueled road.

“I used anything I could to escape the pain but I still kept my secret, I still protected my abuser. I was still afraid of being judged, I was afraid if I told people, no one would love me because I was too broken and wounded.”

“I had sex with men, I had sex with women, I had sex with Hollywood. I’m not mad at it except it wasn’t empowered. Sex was like my heroin.”

She turned her life around when she traveled to India in 2007, where she found sexual healing in Shakti Tantra Yoga – ancient teachings on feminine and sexual energy. She then helped sex-trafficked women in the red light district of Calcutta and her volunteer work with them eventually became part of a documentary titled Shakti.

She built a career as a tantra, sex and relationship expert who is widely known for having founded the global sex coaching program Urban Kama Sutra. She has also appeared before as a featured expert on the reality series Cougar Club on Playboy TV and Modern Sex on Buzzfeed. Prior to her death, she had built a multi-million dollar business including online courses, live events and TV shows geared towards helping people to be happy and healthy with their sexuality and relationships.

Her death obviously came as a shock to her followers who thought that she had overcome her demons. There are still many who couldn’t imagine how she can be driven to such lengths. Some think that she was killed due to her outspoken and controversial opinions.

But according to her long-time friend Monique Caulfield, Isadora has struggled most of her life with bipolar disorder which causes depression, and this was potentially made worse by the potential side effects (depression and suicidal ideation) of her stopping the prescription medication Xanax, which she had been using for some time to treat insomnia.

My Take and Tribute

I cannot confirm or deny whether she took her own life. Due to the many problems that she had to face, she might have. Depression is something that only those who experience it themselves can know what it is like. If she indeed committed suicide then I think everybody should just say a prayer and wish her the best, wherever she is right now. Her message of female empowerment and not to be afraid of your own sexuality is something that I truly believe in. So let’s fully enjoy the life well-lived, as well as the legacy that she has left to us all.

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