Reading Prosper While You Sleep book, Chapter 1: What is the Creative Mind?

My loyal readers, how are you feeling today? Clark here, as always. Here on this page we shall look at Chapter 1 of the Prosper While You Sleep book, titled “Introduction”. I shall discuss what is in Chapter 1 as well as my personal viewpoints, which will be focused today on the question of what is the creative mind.

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Nothing Much Here, Really

Chapter 1 is giving out lots of promises about how this book is going to change our lives. From exercises that “develop your latent creative powers into a mental powerhouse” to doubling our income to developing our concentration to gaining a magnetic personality, these promises are sure to get one excited about reading the rest of this book. Let’s hope it lives up to all the hype…

Chapter 1 tells us that our problems are mostly caused by a negative mind, but we can do something about it while sleeping.

This chapter offers that we have two minds, Conscious and Creative. And we can direct the Creative Mind (obviously) to help us solve problems and have more (spiritual and material) abundance while we sleep.

Conscious and Creative Mind

The Conscious Mind we all know. It reasons and analyzes, it is where willpower is applied, it controls our movement, and it decides what we focus our thoughts upon.

What about the Creative Mind the author is talking about? Is it the Subconscious Mind? Or the Subconscious plus Unconscious? Is there an Unconscious Mind first of all? There are many theories about the mind out there in the world, and it becomes harder to know anything for certain once we get to the more abstract parts of it. If you’re interested to know further, I have previously written an article on this:

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But one thing is for sure. When we talk about things like manifesting and leveling up our abundance consciousness, it is never the Conscious Mind that takes center stage. The reason for that is simple. The Conscious Mind is likened to a general. It decides where our focus should be, it provides the direction, and it sets the tone. But to execute your instructions well, to bring in the results, you need the other mind(s). They are the ARMY. There you will get the ‘manpower’, the ‘resources’, the ‘expertise’, the ‘know-how’. All that you want, you can find it there.

Now you may say that the Conscious Mind is also important because it gives the instructions. But oftentimes, it is overpowered by the Subconscious. The Subconscious, conditioned by decades of you thinking in a certain way, decides where you focus your thoughts upon and what your decisions would be. So unless your Conscious Mind is a very strong general, it would be powerless in the presence of your Subconscious. Oftentimes we just look for ways to get the Conscious Mind out of the way, so that the Subconscious can be changed or the Unconscious may come in and do the work!

See You In The Next Chapter!

That’s it for the first chapter. I think I have actually forgotten most of what I’ve read in this book. Most of Chapter 1 seems real foreign to me when I re-read it today. Although it could be that I’m reading it now with a very different perspective. I hope you’ll be with me till the end. As always, don’t hesitate to let me know your questions and comments below, and till the next time, goodbye!

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