Reading Prosper While You Sleep book, Chapter 10: The importance of perspective in life

What’s up, people? Welcome back to this series, you know what it is all about, and here on this page we shall look at Chapter 10 of the Prosper While You Sleep book, titled “Money: A Myth”. What I got out of reading this chapter is mainly the importance of perspective in life.

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Money Is Paper

How valuable is your money is only ever up to the value that people places on it. Think about this ongoing pandemic in 2020. All the money you can ever have means nothing if you can’t go out and spend it.

The important thing as alluded to in this chapter is what you can get for the ‘paper’ you have. So when you are asked “What do you want?” wouldn’t it make more sense to think in terms of the things you can buy, the experiences you can have, and the emotions you can feel?

So doesn’t it make sense to visualize, when you do visualize, what you get out of money rather than the ‘paper’ itself? One ‘tip’ that I have learnt is to focus on the emotion that you want to have for having all that money. If you want it for personal satisfaction, feel that personal satisfaction right NOW. That’s a good way to ‘visualize’.

When you first let yourself go towards the feeling of the emotions you want to feel, you can feel like you’ve lost something, or that you’re on ‘uneven ground’. Something feels off. That was my own experience. I think what you’ve lost is your control, and that can feel uncomfortable at first. But if you can stay there, relinquish control for a little while, then something better will come in and fill that hole. Something like a carefree all-is-right-with-the-world feeling, a cannot-be-described inner peace, and/or the beginnings of real joy.

Everything is Perspective!

Another thing that I realized after reading this chapter, is that everything is about perspective. If everybody now starts to place a higher value on FOOD rather than luxury items, then food sellers would be the richest people on Earth. Economists might argue that my statement is not 100% correct, and that I haven’t considered all the factors, the prices that food suppliers can set depend on supply and demand, etc. and that might be true, I’m not an economist, but I think the point that can be made here is that our collective set of perspectives is very powerful and determines how we function on a day-to-day basis.

Which lends credibility to the idea of the law of attraction. To the possibility that life responds to what we think and to a larger extent what we believe. If you can change your perspectives today, just let go of what you’ve ‘known’ for such a long time and take a leap of faith and see yourself and the world according to how you want it to be, then doesn’t it make sense that your world will change as well?

How Are You Getting On?

I understand that some of the things in this book and my series are being repeated over and over again in different angles, and I hope that each angle resonated with some of you. Do let me know below how you’re getting on with this book. Are you applying the suggestions in your daily life? Have you felt any different since starting this book? Do you feel more empowered nowadays? If you find yourself feeling good about yourself and your life that is usually the pre-cursor to something you want arriving. So keep your vibration high (in other words, keep feeling good) and I’ll see you in the next one!!

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