Reading Prosper While You Sleep book, Chapter 11: How to have imagination?

Hello! Welcome back to my website for another installment of me talking about the book we know and love. Here on this page we shall look at Chapter 11 of the Prosper While You Sleep book, titled “Riches: A Matter of Consciousness”. One thing which stood out for me in this chapter was the understanding of how to have imagination.

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Set 24-Hour Goals!

Finally the author admitted that he is repeating similar things throughout the book, and warned us that this will continue for the rest of the book. The reasoning is simple, one way of explaining things might resonate with certain people, whereas another might resonate with another group of people reading this book.

I appreciate it when there are repetitions of powerful concepts through different perspectives, because I use this repetition as a reminder to practice the thoughts that I should be practicing all day every day, and also it doesn’t become boring listening to the same perspective over and over again. My brain has a habit of skipping through things when I know that I’ve gone through them, and I’m pretty sure there are other people just like me.  

Just as you need some training to start to excel in a certain sport, you also need some training to become good at this. But what you need to let go of is the belief that you need years of hard work to achieve BIG change. Some people might believe in this ‘thoughts become things’ principle, but then think that it will take years to train their minds to think in the right way!

I think a good way of avoiding such thinking (of “when is it going to come?”) is to set 24-hour goals in terms of your thinking and beliefs. Forget about everything else today except trying to generate as much momentum as possible in these 24 hours (or while you’re awake) in thinking thoughts that are empowering, appreciative, or provide some good feeling throughout your being.

It is important to focus on something that you really desire, because only then you would feel really good when you focus on it. The more you want something the worse you feel when you focus on the lack of it, and of course the better you feel when you see yourself enjoying it.

Everyone Is Always Imagining Something

The best-resonating moment of this chapter came when I was reading this: (In my own words) it is not difficult to have faith and imagination, because you are already doing it every day. It’s only that you have become good at imagining negative things occurring in your life. And you do have plenty of faith. Just look at your current life, your faith has brought it into existence. 

Now imagine if you could do a little modification to your faith and imagination. It won’t take long for something to shift, and physically. When that happens, I know that you’ll feel the motivation to continue doing what you’re doing. You would then start to be excited about what you can achieve if you continue or increase the intensity of your positive faith and imagination.

So never say you don’t know how to imagine, because you’re already doing it. You’re probably spending more time than you should in a single day imagining bad things happening in your life and feeling fearful, worried, angry or frustrated. So how do you have positive imagination? When you find yourself thinking negatively just observe your thoughts carefully and see how you imagine all those crap happening to you. Then do the opposite! You’ll notice a subtle shift in your feelings when you do that. Continue with that for the rest of the day because you want to train yourself to be in that state of being all the time, and whenever you find that you have strayed back to your usual negative self just bring yourself back to that positive state.

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