Reading Prosper While You Sleep book, Chapter 12: Contrast and Abraham Hicks

What’s up, my friends? I’m Clark (the founder and author for this website), and here on this page we shall look at Chapter 12 of the Prosper While You Sleep book, titled “A Study in Contrasts”. So I’m going to talk a lot about contrast and Abraham Hicks (or more specifically what I’ve learned from her), from whom I first learned this term.

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What are Contrasts in Life?

In this chapter, we are introduced to the term “contrast”. Now this chapter mainly explains contrasts as something that we would consider negative, such as not having enough money, bad weather, pain and so on. Contrast is called a really good thing because when we (finally) experience the opposite of contrast we can appreciate it more.

But what I understand from Abraham Hicks is that contrast can also cover situations in life in which we choose between two or more choices.  So choosing between this or that profession, this or that person, this or that activity, rich or filthy rich, feeling OK or full of beans, etc. And contrasts will always keep coming, because there will always be new choices to make, new ‘improvements’ to have.

So maybe you were struggling to get your business up and running and now finally you’re making a reasonable income. You experienced joy while seeing your business grow. Now if you stay still and just watch your business doing the same things every month and earning the same amounts your joy would wear out pretty soon. So what do you do?  Maybe you’d like to try to expand your business. Or perhaps now you would like to dabble in some other field, maybe one where you could help to put more greens on Earth but wouldn’t pay as much as expanding your business would? So life is a never-ending journey of making choices, going somewhere and doing something that makes us feel really good.

Knowing that enables us to enjoy the present moment more, because you now understand your work is never finished and if you’re not living in joy now, then you never will. Most people have the idea in their heads that they’ll only be happy when they have achieved the goals they set for themselves. But 1) they won’t get what they want that way, because it’s the other way around and being unhappy won’t bring what they want to them anytime soon, and 2) even if they achieve a goal they’ve set for themselves, they might find to their disappointment that they don’t feel much satisfaction, because that is not really what they want. When one is living in joy, I believe life will bring him or her to what he or she really wants.

An Exquisite Little Suggestion

A fantastic little suggestion given in this chapter is that if you find yourself experiencing a contrast moment, what you can do is immediately think of the ideal situation that would make you really happy (maybe the exact opposite of the contrast?). Then just play around with that or similar good-feeling thoughts. Simple but powerful.

That’s it for this post. Thank you so much for your time in listening to my ramblings, and if you happen to have any questions or comments that you want to ask or let off your chest please do not hesitate to leave it below. Wishing you a great rest of the day, and I’ll see you in the next one!

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