Reading Prosper While You Sleep book, Chapter 14: How to enjoy life to the fullest?

Hello, and a very good day to everyone reading this. I’m Clark, and here on this page we shall look at Chapter 14 of the Prosper While You Sleep book, titled “Accepting the Supremacy of Mind over Matter”. Below I’ll talk about how to enjoy life to the fullest, because that was what’s going through my mind as I was reading this chapter.

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Joy Attracts (the Manifestation of) Desire, and Vice Versa!?

In this chapter, there is more repetition of the power of thinking positive thoughts, so reading it is a great way to feel good and thus release the negativity that one has at any given moment.

One thing that was alluded to in this chapter is that we are only ever happy and satisfied when we know we are on our way to attaining a desire of ours, and so it is true. It is said that painters are joyful when they are painting, not after they have painted something and then admire it day after day.

Musicians are joyful when they are composing, sculptors are joyful when they sculpt, and in the same vein human beings are joyful when they are moving towards what they want. The elation you feel when you KNOW what you have wanted for so long is coming towards you, or you towards it, is highly recommended for every single human being.

And when are we moving towards what we want? When we are having positive thoughts, when we have released resistance through meditation or other practices, when we are happy and joyful, when we are grateful, when we are feeling enthusiastic. So when you’re joyful you’ll be brought to the thing that you want, and as you are brought towards the thing that you want you are joyful. Isn’t life just perfect?

So joy brings you what you desire, and moving towards what you desire brings joy. The trick is to enjoy the unfolding of it. Enjoy the journey, because once it is over and what you want has fully manifested, you won’t be feeling that joyful for long. You may think back fondly and with pride at what you’ve achieved for a week or two (tops), and then it would get old really fast. Then it is time to get excited about where you’re going next.

Generally Grateful?

In the section preceding this one (the above section, duh!), I mentioned that gratitude and happiness will bring forth our desire into our lives. But what happens when there is a huge challenge in your life and you find it difficult to feel happy about that subject?

Well… you feel happy about other subjects. Build up the momentum of happiness and the feeling will extend to other areas of your life soon enough.

Another ‘trick’ I’ve been taught is if you’re not feeling good at this moment, start by being grateful or happy in general terms. An example I’ve heard was to appreciate the Earth spinning on its orbit! Be grateful for the beautiful sunset. Be happy you are free of illness and disability. Be happy that you found out about law of attraction because now you’ll have all that you’ve ever wanted and could ever want as long as you line up with it. And as you stay in that general good-feeling mood more happy and grateful thoughts (and perhaps now they are specific to your life) will come to you.

“Slong”, People!

I saw the above word in a book. It means SO LONG, get it? Goodbye, but only for this chapter. Come back soon to read the next chapter in this series. For now, feel free to go through my SERIES page to read other articles I’ve written. And I’ve written quite a few if I do say so myself. Thanks for being here, and I’ll see you in the next one!

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