Reading Prosper While You Sleep book, Chapter 16: Creating mental picture in the mind

Welcome back, my loyal visitors, to this series of ours. Clark here as always, and right here on this page we shall look at Chapter 16 of the Prosper While You Sleep book, titled “Thoughts are Pictures; Pictures are Patterns”. We shall look at creating mental picture in our minds, because essentially thoughts are pictures as the chapter title suggests.

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A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

This chapter tells us that the mind thinks in terms of pictures instead of words. So your thoughts are coming thick and fast, because as you may have heard, a picture paints a thousand words!

As you form a mental picture in your Conscious Mind and hold it there for long enough (and it could be a moving picture, holding a thought doesn’t mean it has to be literally one stationary thought and no others, you could have a flow of similar thoughts all related to each other), the Creative Mind is going to make that your belief or pattern. Of course, positive thoughts will lead to positive patterns being formed and thus bring forth positive reactions from you and your circumstances, and vice-versa.

But don’t just hold a thought in your mind, infuse it with power by your enthusiasm as taught by this chapter. For me, any intense positive feeling will do, although I’ll say that enthusiasm is one powerful feeling.

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Now what’s going to happen when you do all that? You will be guided, as to thoughts and actions, to think and do things that will put you well on your way towards what you have asked for. And what you have asked for could be something that you’re not even consciously aware of, that is, you may not have written it down, or out loud ask the Universe for it, or even consciously thought about wanting it before, but it is there all the same. For instance, deep down you want to travel to this place and do this thing, and the Universe knows it even if you don’t.  

Are You Only Thinking Enthusiastic Thoughts?

I once heard a wise teacher ask me to rethink my route. Which one leads to the same old dull, uninspiring life? And which one would lead to the kingdom of God?

Are you feeling inspired to only think the thoughts that make you feel happy, powerful, excited, optimistic and enthusiastic? Those who have tried to switch their thoughts from more negative to more positive know that it is very tempting to continue thinking negative thoughts. But you’ve got to find some way of letting go of that. This is the way to allow yourself to begin living a new life. New beliefs/patterns, new life. Get it?

An important reminder: you may leave any of your questions and comments below, and rest assured I shall read every single one of them and reply to you ASAP. That’s all for this chapter, happy practicing, and I’ll see you soon!!

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