Reading Prosper While You Sleep book, Chapter 17: How to stay in the present

Hello everyone, and welcome back. Clark here as usual, and here on this page we shall look at Chapter 17 of the Prosper While You Sleep book, titled “Your Mental Eraser”. The message I want to convey after reading this chapter is how to stay in the present.

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Don’t Let Past or Future Enter Your Thoughts

Sometimes you really try. You set aside time, you go to a quiet place, you close your eyes, and then you visualize that you already have what you want, and it seems to be going well. You’re feeling good, you’re enjoying the attainment of your desire. Then memories of the past come to you. I’ve done this thing which I think is quite bad, so do I deserve to be happy? Or you started thinking about an embarrassing thing you’ve said or did in the past. Many other such examples, specific to your past, might occur. And typically, you would allow yourself to go there, to follow those negative thoughts.

And probably the most unnecessary one: I should’ve started visualizing sooner, then maybe I would be successful much earlier. How much time have I wasted not doing this sooner? I mean, just be happy that you’re feeling good now, can’t you do that? Because how you think and feel now is all that matters, not how you felt yesterday, or how you will feel tomorrow. How you feel now, even as you read this, is impacting the way your life turns out. And understanding that, I believe, will help you to let go of the past and stop worrying about the future.

If the negative pictures (from your past) keep coming up, just take a step back, observe your negative thoughts come and go for a while without following any of them and without getting emotional, and let them subside on their own. Or meditate for a while.

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Besides the past, the future might also come into it. I’m visualizing now, where is it? I’m seeing it clearly in my mind, so when will it come? Be satisfied with the enjoyment of your health, your wealth and your joy in your mind. Take your attention off the fact that you currently don’t have it in your hands. Because you just need to take care of how you feel, and then you would be guided in thoughts and actions to the thing you want. Usually, the guidance comes so soon after I found a way to feel wonderful and powerful that I can only be filled with wonder.

Don’t Give Any Attention to Negativity

There’s a segment in this chapter that tells you not to think things like “I want to overcome my timidity” because then you keep telling yourself that you are timid. Instead, think that you’re outgoing, having a good time with people, see yourself enjoying the company of others, etc.

The way you feel right now lets you know whether you’re thinking positively or negatively right this second. If you think that you’re having good thoughts but you don’t feel good at the moment, then you are not thinking positive thoughts.

That’s all I have for you here. Stay tuned for more of my musings after I read the next chapter of this book. As always, don’t be shy in leaving your questions and comments below. I will see you in the next one!

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