Reading Prosper While You Sleep book, Chapter 18: How to think positive thoughts?

Welcome back to my site, folks! Clark here (of course!) and here on this page we shall look at Chapter 18 of the Prosper While You Sleep book, titled “Building a Consciousness of Success”. As with the other chapters, I have put down my two cents below as well, those thoughts that came up whilst I read this chapter and which I would very much like to share with you. My musings today are going to be focused upon how to think positive thoughts.

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Know That It CAN Be Done

Know that anything that others can accomplish you can too, with the knowledge you have gained. And then get started on it at once. That is the main message I received from this chapter. Not utilizing the knowledge you have is akin to having a lot of money but experiencing starvation.

The most beautiful thing about this is that it’s not hard work. It’s not hard work to think positive thoughts and feel great as a result. And once you have done that for a while, you allow yourself to be guided in thoughts and actions towards the things you want, and whenever you are guided there is ease and flow in the thoughts that you think and the actions that you perform. Not long after you have done the actions you were guided to do, it may suddenly strike you that you’ve just taken steps towards what you desire. At least that was my own experience. The realization comes after, and not while I’m doing the guided actions.

The best question posed in this chapter is “Why don’t you earn more money?” Yes, why don’t you? If you want to buy something nice for the missus at home, why not start putting what you’ve learned to use? Just imagine the look of wonder on your partner’s face when the thing you’re trying to manifest comes into being. If you want to bring your mother someplace nice, how about you get started on imagining the two of you on that trip tonight just before you fall asleep?

If you find it hard to stop the negative thoughts that keep coming up and interrupting your positive ones, try meditating. That is a great method for stopping all thoughts. And when you stop thought you’ll find that you’ve allowed space for your natural positivity to rise up in you.

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If You Are Worried, Then It Will Happen

If you keep on worrying about something, then it will start to manifest in your physical reality. That’s just how the world works and so I’ve learnt based on personal experiences. The good news is that what you worry about won’t happen instantaneously the moment you worry about it. You can continue to worry and let your worry thoughts gain momentum until the thing you’re worried about manifests, or you can start going in the other direction now.

So the next time you worry, remember that it is not serving you. And anyhow, worry doesn’t feel good at all. So why would you keep doing that? It doesn’t solve the problem, on the contrary it is when you go in the opposite direction of worry that the solution reveals itself to you. Plus it feels good not to worry.

OK? Understood? Then I shall leave you here, but please come back for the next installment of my musings. Please leave your questions and comments below, because I love reading them, and until the next time, goodbye!

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