Reading Prosper While You Sleep book, Chapter 19: Why is thinking positive important

Hey gals, hey guys, how is your day going so far? Welcome back to my site, I’m Clark, and here on this page we shall look at Chapter 19 of the Prosper While You Sleep book, titled “Discovering the Law of Abundance”. By know I hope you have gotten an idea as to why is thinking positive important, and actually I would say this entire book has been about convincing you of that fact so that you’ll do it (think positive).

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Is Keeping Yourself In Lack A Sin?

Like it was mentioned in this chapter, there are some who felt that they are not deserving of abundance due to sins that they have committed in the past. Now let’s not talk about murder or the such here. Those might be beyond my area of expertise. I would say though that most people have never committed murder and the ‘sins’ they’ve committed might not be that bad actually, especially when observed through the eyes of others. For example, you might have said something nasty to someone when you were younger. It’s time to forgive yourself.

Consider this. If I tell you now that blocking off the good that is coming to you is a sin against yourself and the Universe, would you start to allow yourself to live more abundantly? Because joy is the birthright of all who walks this Earth, and if you block it off through negative thinking then it is a sin committed by yourself against you. And if you are not living in joy, then you’ll not be bringing joy to the people you come into contact with either. It’s not possible.

“Wealth is not his who has it, but his who enjoys it.” I think the obvious meaning is that having money and not using it is akin to not having any money at all. And that is a good interpretation of the quote.

I think there’s another way we could look at it. When you visualize having wealth, don’t just think about having the money in your hands or bank account. Enjoy it. Use it. Play with it. Generate the happiness you would feel by doing things with it. Experience it first in your mind and you would soon find that THINGS are happening in real life, faster than you can keep track of. But don’t make manifesting those stuff your goal of visualization, because then your focus will be on the fact that you don’t have it yet. Visualize to feel happy, and just be content with the happy emotions coursing through you.


One more thing of note in this chapter is the suggestion to start small at first. I think that’s a good way to have fun with this, and then once you realize it works you can move on to ‘bigger’ things, although it is said that there is no big or small when it comes to manifesting. It is only the extent of your beliefs that is holding you back. Many people believe that the things which REALLY matter to them would be HARD to manifest, and that’s the only reason.

OK, now I shall say… cheerio, but you can be sure I’ll be back to ramble more! I hope you’ve enjoyed the above sharing, but more importantly found inspiration to go put what you’ve learnt to practice. Please don’t hesitate to leave your questions and comments below, and till the next time, see you!

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