Reading Prosper While You Sleep book, Chapter 2: More about the Creative Mind

What’s up, my website readers? As you well know I’m Clark, and here on this page we shall look at Chapter 2 of the Prosper While You Sleep book, titled “How This Book Helps You Grow Rich”. In this chapter, we learn more on the creative mind and a little teaser on how we can use it to help us grow wealthy even as we are sleeping.

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What Causes Riches, Really?

After the short Chapter 1, I found this to be a long chapter. Though when I checked, I saw that it is only 6 pages long!

There is the assertion that one’s riches do not depend on education, background or luck. Instead, it depends on “the most essential, deepest-thinking part of you”. This is quite basic because if you just look at the world, it is difficult to pinpoint one factor that leads to some people owning a lot of money and others not.

There doesn’t seem to be any outward factor that would lead you 100% to lots of wealth. If we take education as an example, some businessmen without much of an education can make so much more wealth than university students. If it’s luck, then why are some people luckier than others??? So let’s go with the author’s suggestion for now as to what leads to riches, which I understand to be the Creative Mind.

Becoming Richer As We Sleep

So how can we prosper while we sleep? The chapter says to communicate with our Creative Mind while we are sleeping.

We talked a bit about the Creative Mind already in the last chapter. It is where we can acquire all the resources we need in order to have whatever we desire. So the book hasn’t gone into the specifics of how we can communicate with our Creative Mind yet, but you can try this tonight. Before you drift off to sleep, form an image of you already in possession of what you want. You may have read that in some book before and found it very difficult to do. If that’s the case, one thing that usually works for me is to focus on feeling what you want to feel and stay away from the details.

So if you want to feel free (of money issues, of being stuck in a relationship you don’t like, etc.) just feel that. If you want to feel joy from the manifestation of your desire, then feel joy now. As you do that, the details may come to you, or they may not. Either way, you’ll drift off to sleep happy and content. 

Growing Rich Is Good For Health

In this chapter, it is said that becoming wealthy can come hand-in-hand with better health and mood, and I totally agree with that. There is negativity attached to rich people and becoming rich yourself. But money by itself is a neutral item, neither good nor evil; it is how people acquire it and what they do with it that is the key. For sure, some people neglect their health in search of money, and then use the money they acquired to recover their health. But getting rich this way (by tapping into the power of the Creative Mind and not through forceful actions), I believe, ensures that your riches will be acquired in a ‘clean’ way. Because you’re doing it by utilizing the vast knowledge of the Cosmos, who knows the best way for you to become rich without compromising your health or other areas of your life.

That’s it for This Chapter!

Cheerio for now, but please be invited to read the next chapter in this series!! Have fun doing the practice I recommended above. Remember to relax while doing it as this is meant to be something positive and joyful. Don’t hesitate to put down any questions or comments you have in your mind below, and until the next time, thanks so much!

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