Reading Prosper While You Sleep book, Chapter 22: Positive thinking for health

Hello my readers, how are you? I’m Clark (as you know!) and here on this page we shall look at Chapter 22 of the Prosper While You Sleep book, titled “Developing a Health Consciousness”. Thinking positive has been a recurring theme in this book, and below I shall talk specifically about positive thinking for health.

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No Time for Sickness

This chapter suggests having an incentive which motivates us to want to feel great. When our eyes are locked onto a target, and we are moving towards that goal of ours, we don’t feel tired, we don’t feel sick, because we are following our passion, and there may not be a better feeling than that.

Which means that positive feelings like excitement, anticipation, passion, joy and love make us healthy, like I have mentioned before in one of the previous parts in this series. What bogs us down and makes us not want to get up in the morning is usually a negative mindset, like thinking that today is not going to be any better than yesterday, or that it is going to be a tough day, or similar thoughts like that.

So whenever you’re worried or fearful about something, just immediately replace it with a positive thought. If you find it difficult to search for a positive thought to think, how about just imagining the opposite of the negative thought you just had?

Think and Live Healthy

Think and live healthy, because first of all it feels good, and we have seen that when we feel good, good health follows. The explanation could be very simple. Science has shown that when we are happy, our immune system is working better, our blood pressure is lower, etc. I like to think of it in a spiritual manner. When we are happy, we live in alignment with the intention for life on this planet. And thus there is no way illnesses can enter our bodies.

And secondly we know that everything we tell ourselves is true. If you hold images of yourself healthy, then that’s who you are. And vice-versa.

This chapter suggests acting young, such as doing some youthful activities and dressing young. When you act out something it is like you are powerfully visualizing it. It’s the same principle. After living life and hearing conventional ‘wisdom’ for years and seeing them play out, like “after a certain number of years we can’t achieve much” or we see our grandparents getting slower with age, we probably have such beliefs ingrained in our beings. So acting young is a powerful way of reversing those beliefs.

Have You Gotten A Breakthrough Yet?

That is it for this part. I hope you have enjoyed it, and please engage with me below by leaving any questions or comments that you have. We are nearing the end of this series, and it is my powerful intention that you have achieved some sort of breakthrough by now. If you’re having any kind of difficulties, do let them off your chest below and we shall have a discussion ASAP. Till the next part, thanks a lot!

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