Reading Prosper While You Sleep book, Chapter 23: How to stay focused on the positive

Hello folks, and welcome back to my site! I’m Clark, and here on this page we shall look at Chapter 23 of the Prosper While You Sleep book, titled “Accentuate the Positive”. Just by reading the title, many thoughts on how to stay focused on the positive went through my mind.

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Just Be Generally Positive

There is talk in this chapter to develop our mental concentration. Now there could be a few interpretations for this statement. Do we hold the same image, or similar images of the same subject? What constitute the same subject? Is it the big category of money/love/health/others? Or each thing that we want ‘inside’ the category of money/love/health/others?

The most important indicator as always is how you feel. If you’re not feeling positive about anything at the moment, it is advised that you think positive in general terms, perhaps thinking thoughts like “I am feeling anticipation about what life has in store for me”. And when we are generally positive long enough, law of attraction will bring us more positive thoughts, and these thoughts could now be more specific to a particular subject. And for me, when I find myself in the middle of one positive thought after another I just let them come and go without holding on to any particular subject.

What we want to achieve is to get into the ‘plane’ of feeling good no matter what it takes, and then we would be able to receive thoughts which are on that good-feeling plane. So the idea is to be generally positive for long enough (every time you find yourself thinking a negative thought) and then enjoy the thoughts that law of attraction keeps bringing to you.

Always Assume You Are Already There

The most important thing I think I got out of this chapter? Always assume you are already there. And this works for everything. If you’re trying to meditate and think you can’t relax, tell yourself that you’re already relaxed! By making this assumption you’ll feel yourself relaxing right away at least a little.

You start with the idea that you’re there already, and that applies to almost every personal development practice you can think of. Meditation, visualization, positive thinking, acting as-if, gratitude and appreciation, the list goes on and on. You always want to come from a place where you are already there. Because thinking you are not enough, or you need to do this or that first, may keep you forever in that mindset of lack and not being good enough.

So have fun with it. Because it is fun. It is fun getting what you want. It is fun to imagine your new life and living as-if. There are many, countless I should say, ways in which we can think, so there is never any reason to be bored with it. Before I leave you today, do leave any questions or comments that you have below and we shall have a fruitful discussion, OK? Till the next time, see you around!

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