Reading Prosper While You Sleep book, Chapter 24: How to benefit by giving

Hello girls and guys, Clark here as always, and welcome back! Here on this page we shall look at Chapter 24 of the Prosper While You Sleep book, titled “Help Yourself by Helping Others”. Basically I want to talk about how to benefit by giving, which seems a paradox to some. But we’ve heard that assertion over and over again in this field of self-help, so surely there must be some grain of truth to it, right?

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When You Give, What You Give Goes Through You

When you give someone happiness with a pure intention, the happiness has got to flow from Source/God/Universe/Being/Un-manifested, which is where all happiness and joy and peace and other good things come from. So it has to flow through you to the other person, and hence you will feel it too.

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It’s the same when you appreciate. When you look at something or someone, and appreciate its/that person’s good qualities, which could be kindness, sturdiness, beauty, anything at all which makes you feel all warm inside, the gratitude or appreciation that you put forth has got to flow through you first.

So give, give as much as you can. I’m not talking about material things here. As with manifesting, we have seen that the most important component is always the emotion. You manifest the emotion first, and the reason you want the physical manifestation is to feel good. So give love, appreciate, set an example of calmness, happiness, joy and enthusiasm. Let others feel good when they are around you by feeling good yourself in their presence.

As shown in this chapter, when you go about teaching someone something, you’ll benefit from it as well. You’ll understand the principles more deeply because it’s perhaps the second time you visited them, and in the process of trying to convince the other person of what you’re saying you’ll analyze and organize what you’ve learnt thus understanding the subject better. I believe the principle at work here is the same as the one discussed above.

Manifest the Emotions First

It’s been quite an experience reading this book for the second time. Hopefully, you’re well on your way to acquiring all you ever wished for, as well as the new desires that are borne within you. I hope you’re manifesting the emotions, the joy, the excitement, the satisfaction, the pleasure, the happiness, the enthusiasm. When you feel great and wonderful like that, it’s a sure sign that what you want is on its way to you.

When you’re feeling happiness and the energy/power that it brings, don’t immediately turn your attention back to “WHERE IS IT?” Let the manifesting of the emotions be enough. As you live life feeling good, which is the natural way to live, which is the intended way to live, you would not find yourself in lack of anything.

And that’s all for this chapter. Do leave me your questions and comments in the comment box below and I shall revert ASAP. Till the next time, cheerio!

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