Reading Prosper While You Sleep book, Chapter 5: Before sleep affirmations

HELLO! Welcome back to this series and here on this page we shall look at Chapter 5 of the Prosper While You Sleep book, titled “Your Real Seat of Intelligence”. There are some before sleep affirmations that you can do, and we’re going to explore that, because what your Subconscious Mind believes is powerful indeed.

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Creative Mind = Subconscious Mind

We have confirmation from the author, finally, that the Creative Mind he was always talking about is the Subconscious Mind. He prefers to call it the Creative Mind because it helps us to create success and happiness, once we know how to put it to good use.

You can use your Conscious Mind to direct your Creative Mind to do anything for you. You can repeat “I am a success” as well as other positive affirmations to yourself as you’re preparing for bed and also at other times of the day. If there is a decision that you’re struggling with, just imagine waking up tomorrow and instinctively knowing the best thing to do with regards to your situation. You can do this using words or images, whichever works well for you.

Don’t Stop At Riches

I would recommend that you focus on one thing at a time, but if something else pops up in the meantime, you can tend to that for a little while. Say you’re repeating wealth affirmations currently. You’re trying to manifest riches. Then something with your health comes to your attention. Maybe an ache manifests itself, or maybe you’ve been feeling a lack of energy for some time or at certain times of the day. Just apply the same principle and remind yourself that you’re feeling that way because of what you believe deep within your Creative Mind. Then think POWERFUL thoughts in regards to your health. You can set things in motion, then leave your health in the capable hands of your Creative Mind and go back to saying your wealth affirmations.

And always do it NOW. You can forever be going to do it. That was my own experience. I was always waiting for the conditions to be ‘right’, or waiting for me to be comfortable and ready. Or I would keep on thinking about what I’m going to do, going through the steps again and again, telling myself how great things would be when I finally do it, instead of actually doing it! What I now realize is, if I think a great and powerful thought now, and keep on thinking it (or similar thoughts), then the conditions become right. Then I feel the comfort.

I think the reason I did what I did was because thinking an unusual thought feels uncomfortable at first. Hence, I went in the direction of such thoughts and then pulled back due to the discomfort, and then decided to wait for the ‘right’ moment to do it. But if it’s not the right moment now, it will never be the right moment.

Don’t Stop Here, Read the Next Chapter!!

That’s it for today folks, remember to read the next chapter of this book and then my take on it. I think you’ll discover that some concepts are repeated again and again throughout the book. As with any self-help book, there is bound to be some repetition here and there. But know that it’s great for certain concepts to be repeated over and over again, because they are powerful. Use it as a reminder to do what’s been suggested.

Do not hesitate if there are any questions that you would like to ask, or any comments that you would like to make. OK!? I will see you in the next one!

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