Reading Prosper While You Sleep book, Chapter 7: How to stop the negative thoughts

What’s up, readers of Prosper While You Sleep? Welcome to another ‘reflection’ of a chapter in this book. Here on this page we shall look at Chapter 7 of the Prosper While You Sleep book, titled “Getting Acquainted with the Real You”. Below we’re going to focus on the question of how to stop the negative thoughts before they overwhelm us.

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Negativity Abounds!

There is a story in this chapter in which it is claimed that there are two entities residing within us. One is always focused on all things positive like good health, success, optimism, enthusiasm, only the good in this world, etc. The other entity is the opposite. At any one time, we are leaning more towards one of these entities.

When one is born, there is no negativity in him/her. But somehow, as that baby grows up, he/she picks up on thinking negatively as he/she learns to let the negative entity take over. So doesn’t that mean that somehow we have, as a species, let the negativity in us take control and then we in turn influence the people around us?

If you are negative, then it will be easier for you to STAY negative, because that’s how the Law of Attraction, and/or your Creative Mind, works. It will always bring more of what you’re thinking of to you. So you’ve got to break the trend, somehow. “Stop thinking” is one of the things I tell myself when I catch myself thinking a negative thought, or when I realized I’m caught in a spiral of one negative thought after another. When that happens, I stop thinking and focus on my breath going in, going out. Since our original (when we were born) and natural state is pure positivity, when we stop negative thoughts that is enough for our original natural positivity to RISE up and take control.

Spiral of Positivity

When you have stop thought for a while (and do give it some time because you have to allow some momentum to build), a gentle, positive thought may occur to you. Let the train of thought come as long as it makes you feel even a little bit better. If at any time you find the way you feel taking a downturn that usually means a negative thought has crept into your consciousness. If that occurs, you may want to go back to focusing on your breath again. Or you can immediately replace it (the negative thought) with a positive one. If you’re worrying about contracting a virus of some kind, just appreciate your good health now. If you doubt that you can become as rich as you’ve always dreamed of, remember that you already know the steps to attracting more money by being a loyal visitor to my website!!

What we want to achieve is a spiral of positivity, where one after another good, pleasing thought occurs to us. And our outer circumstances? They will change to reflect our thoughts. But as we’re reaching for that state of being, we need to beware because there could be MANY negative people who can and will influence us with their negativity. But the upside is, when we’re in a spiral of positivity the momentum that we have generated will help us counter any negativity that is offered by other people.

A Final Word…

Before I leave you today, I just want to mention that there is a delicious story about Fred White and ‘happy discontent’ in this chapter which I think is good to feel. Go read it again if you couldn’t quite remember it. Like Abraham Hicks always say, “Satisfied with what is, and eager for more”. Please leave any questions or comments that you may have in the comment box below. I’ll see you in the next one!

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